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Disneyland first threw its pastel pink castle gates open to the public a staggering 60 years ago, and these awesome publicity shots of the park's opening weekend allow us to travel back in time and imagine what it would have been like to be one of the first pioneers at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that many of the rides and features of the parks remain barely altered to this day, but how many of the seats below could you have shared with someone from the not so distant past?

Tea Cup Dance Off

The dancing tea cups have still survived since the opening of the park in 1955, so maybe you've sat in one from this very picture.

Retro Racers

These cars might look retro to us, but the kids riding them would have seen them as cutting edge technology at the time.

Pared Down Parade

This parade wasn't quite the enormous spectacle that it has become today, but I'm sure it made thousands of children's days with its futuristic styling.

Regal Riverboat

The Mark Twain Riverboat was the first boat of its kind to be built for over 50 years and it is still sailing as regally today as it was when the park first opened its doors.

Mechanic Mouse

Back in the '50s, mice were still allowed to drive trains.

Smiling Shrubbery

The flowers might not have had a chance to grow in yet, but the concept was so good that Mickey Mouse faces like the one above still exist at Disney parks all around the world today.

Circus Express

The scenery might have left a lot to be desired, but the sensation of riding in an open topped carriage would probably have been most of these children's first time on a fairground ride like this.

Vintage Glamour

These well dressed Disney employees exude the glamour of the age.

The Haunted Forest

These kids look more delighted than haunted by the forest from Snow White.

Your Galleon Awaits!

The breathtakingly beautiful Peter Pan's Flight is still a favorite with nostalgia lovers at the park to this day.

Mad Hatter's Delight

That little boy is probably smiling so much because the cups had no restrictions on how fast you could spin them back in the '50s!

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