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Okay, don't kill me for doing this! This is just hypothetical on all the effects of how and what would happen if the DC Extended Universe FAILED. I'm still not even sure how I stand on Man of Steel, it was a bad start. One of the main reasons the MCU is great today is because Iron Man was an excellent start! If you guys read my MCU least to great article, you will know that Iron Man is not in my top 5 anymore because Phase 2 was great!

This universe can go good or bad, we have barely seen anything. Let's see how [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) and more importantly is to see how Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman do because those are hard movies to make successful. Marvel have proved that with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ant-Man.

DC is Rushing their Universe

Admit it, even if you are a hardcore DC fan, they are rushing to catch up to Marvel. Batman vs. Superman is supposed to at least to be about BATMAN and SUPERMAN. They are introducing the whole Justice League in this movie, practically. Also, there is Lex Luthor, Zod, and possibly Doomsday!

They have a risky slate!

They started with Man of Steel that was an iffy movie. I have to say that Batman vs. Superman is a good way to draw in fans but it's too early. There are no stakes, and that's why Civil War will be the better movie. The hype for Batman vs. Superman is huge, look at what it did to Age of Ultron.

Avengers: Age of Ultron was a fantastic movie, and as some of you may know, I ranked it the best movie of the MCU. There was so much hype for it, that it gets so much negativity. It was the definition of what a superhero movie was. So, the hype for Batman vs. Superman is already increasing, so, unless it's perfect or damn near to it, this movie is going to get dumped on, just like Age of Ultron.

If Batman vs. Superman is a regular superhero movie, people are going to hate it and it's going to get negativity. There are potential problems for the movie like cramming and if there is problems and flaws with the movie, this will do bad for the DCEU. No matter how this movie goes, DC is acting like Marvel and making risky movies by their THIRD and FOURTH movie! This is like making Guardians of the Galaxy before Iron Man 2! DC could really f**k up these two movies badly, and when Justice League comes around, then that will be sh*t on.

The Tone is too dark

The Nolan trilogy was overall not that well perceived. The Joker was so amazing but without him, these movies would not be that great. That's how I think about these movies. The DCEU is making the FLASH dark! Even worse, how is Shazam going to be dark?! Even if they make those characters a lighter tone, they will NOT fit in.

The fanbase has already proved that they like the lighter toned movies with some dark once in a while. You know what's a great example that DC went through, their TV universe. Arrow started off a success and Season 2 was amazing. Season 3 lowered in quality, and the Flash, which I adore, came around in a lighter tone. So, this amazing first season of Flash versing the worst season of Arrow yet, this blew Arrow away. Now, in Season 4, Arrow is becoming Green Arrow and the show will be taking a lighter tone towards the end of Season 4.

Marvel movies are a success because their light tone, but they still have dark movies that work well because they change things up. Just look at The Winter Soldier and Daredevil! It is easier to make a dark tone material once in a while than make a light tone once in a while. It just doesn't work.

The DCEU is failing

It is around 2018 and Batman vs. Superman had some problems and it got ripped on. They took a risk with Suicide Squad and the characters didn't work and fans we're not pleased with the Joker. Wonder Woman failed to make a female-solo movie and to make it worse, make it set in the 1920's. The time that the Justice League came out, no one wanted to see the movie with these characters. DC now is trying to make their universe lighter with the Flash and Shazam but they are screwed. Warner Bros. does not want to continue making these because Justice League: Part Two bombed.

Warner Bros. can not make money now, they are thinking of rebooting but there is no point. Infinity Wars are out at this point and these awesome Phase 3 movies are badly hurting the MCU. Warner Bros. needs to sell the rights of DC to someone else, for a lot of money, hmm...

Disney buys DC!

Around 2020, Disney buys DC for a ton of money of where Warner Bros. can make back all the money they lost. DC gets there own head under Disney and they immediately start production. Disney makes the movies right. They get through Phase 1 and successfully finish the Justice League. Marvel at this point is almost done with Phase 4, they are needing a boost.

Marvel vs. DC

The movie is released in about 2026-27ish. They have been printing comics for a few years now with DC and Marvel and they have been doing great. DC and Marvel had combined their comics to become the new 'Superheroes' company. Now it is time for the movies to cross-over. They fight for a 2 -part movie and then they combine universes and the possibilities are endless! They will probably own all Fox's property so we will be able to see all of Marvel's and DC's goodness on screen together. Yes, it was worth it to see a bad Justice League movie in 2017.


Do you guys think/want this to happen?

This is all a fan theory and who knows, DC could have a great cinematic universe but,

What do you guys think? Tell me below!


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