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When Miles Morales first appeared in the Ultimate Universe in 2011. Many sceptics did not think that he would last long. They all thought that because of his race his character would only be taken as a political correctness move. However, Morales has come to fruition. He was the main reason as to why the Ultimate Comics lasted as long as it did. Now, he has come into the 616 universe and has integrated with many familiar faces. As we all know we are currently into the Secret Wars storyline and the Marvel roster is changing... into a positive roster.

For decades there was the main tier characters that helped Marvel into the billion dollar distributer it is today. There was first the X-Men, Hulk, Captain America and Spider-man. Those characters were the pinnacle of Marvel comics. It's no surprise of course because history has been with them for a long time.

However, with fantastic characters comes the inevitable change. Characters like Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, Wolverine, Bruce Banner are in a repetitive cycle. Although these characters are iconic they have also become stale. So Marvel have changed their roster (in a positive way) to freshen things up. We now have the new mainline characters such as Sam Wilson, Amadeus Cho, Jane Foster and of course Miles Morales.

These characters are the changing of the guard. They will be the ones who will start a new era in Marvel comics. The one character who will undoubtedly be a mainstream leader is Miles Morales. Morales has been a revelation since his introduction in 2011 and is going strong as the main Spiderman after Secret Wars.

Here are five reasons as to why Miles Morales will be the headliner for Marvel.

1. Miles Morales represents the true demographic of society!

Miles Morales is a mixed race kid (Half Black/Half Hispanic) who gives children of colour a chance to being a superhero without feeling awkward. As i stated in a previous article the Marvel roster in the past was white dominated. Since most, if not all, of the mainstream superheros were white like Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, Logan, Bruce Banner it could (and would) be a negative effect for a child of colour to identify with those superheroes. Now thanks to Brian Micheal Bendis children of colour can have a hero who identifies with them. Since Morales has been introduced many people of colour have taken to him.

Miles Morales has been a revelation. People in Cosplay, play acting, Role play can be Morales without feeling out of place.

2. Marvel has promoted Morales as the main Spiderman!

After Secret Wars Miles Morales will be the main Spider-man. It is thought that Marvel did this due to Morales's popularity but also due to MCU shamefully ignoring him. Now he will be the forefront of the Spiderman comic. This is a title that is deserved but also because Morales's character is developing with every issue. Brian Micheal Bendis who created Morales echoed the importance the role Morales plays:

“Many kids of colour who when they were playing superheroes with their friends, their friends wouldn’t let them be Batman or Superman because they don’t look like those heroes but they could be Spider-Man because anyone could be under that mask,” Morales co-creator and comic book writer Brian Bendis told the New York Daily News. “But now it’s true. It’s meant a great deal to a great many people.”
He added: “Our message has to be it’s not Spider-Man with an asterisk, it’s the real-Spider-Man for kids of colour, for adults of colour and everybody else.”

That is so true from Bendis. Now it's onward and upward with Miles Morales. Seeing as he is a mainstream character in his own right (Marvel would NEVER of promoted him otherwise) his character can eclipse in time that of Peter Parker. Morales has a great backstory already but he has an array of powers (such as the camouflage, Venom Strike and the unknown power) that dwarfs Peter Parkers. Already Miles Morales has an edge to him.Hopefully in time this development will see Miles Morales in the MCU.

3. Miles Morales is part of the New Avengers!

After Secret Wars Miles Morales is not only the main Spiderman but also part of Marvels most popular team. The Avengers has a huge fanbase in comics and movies. It's a team that is the ultimate teamup. Anyone who is part of the Avengers is a strong character in itself. Being part of the Avengers is seen as a stepping stone to growing development (Hank Pym and Hawkeye are a testament to this). Not only is Morales part of the Avengers but he is included in various other storylines that will increase his exposure. He already has a close connection to SHIELD, Peter Parker, Avengers (old and new) and X-Men. With Morales having his solo title along with other titles his popularity will grow even more.

4. Brian Micheal Bendis and Sara Pichelli is at the helm.

Brian Micheal Bendis is one of the top writers in the comic book industry. Anyone who is into comics will know of his work. Bendis has been involved in popular titles such as Spiderman, Uncanny X-Men, Avengers v X-Men, Powers, House of M and many more. Bendis created Morales and is writing the main title of Spider-Man after Secret Wars. With his already impressive CV, Miles Morales's under Bendis is in safe hands. Sara Pichelli is a comic artist who worked for IDW Publishing and most notable, worked with Bendis on Ultimate Spiderman.

Both Bendis and Pichelli did a magnificent job with Ultimate Spiderman Miles Morales. I am more encouraged that the partnership will continue with Spider-Man.

5. Miles Morales has already a huge fanbase.

It was thanks to Morales's popularity that he is now part of the same universe as Peter Parker. Amid fears pre Secret Wars that Morales would actually be written out of comics. His popularity has given him an already solid platform in his development. Morales has survived universal destruction and is quite frankly where he belongs. Now that there are two Spidermen in the Marvel world we will see Miles Morales becoming better adapted to his powers. Having to share the universe with Parker is a testament to how popular Miles is. In theory if Morales was not popular (as some people think) he would not be given a title, he would not share the emblem of Spider-Man with Parker.

Truth is he is popular. Morales will be a character that will be remembered for a long time because of his positive ethnicity and personality (full credit to Bendis there). Morales is a benchmark for the positive movement that Marvel made with their diverse roster. If it wasn't for Miles Morales we would undoubtedly never of seen Sam Wilson as Captain America, or Amadeus Cho as Hulk , or Jane Foster as Thor. It's down to how well Morales has been received by the general public, especially the non white public that we have a richer diverse roster. In time when people think of superheroes they will automatically think of Miles Morales..... The Spider-Man!


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