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The world of Middle-Earth is incredibly vast, with secrets and lore hidden in every detail. In The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy, we have witnessed some beautiful and memorable locations within J.R.R Tolkien's mystic world. While we all know all about the soft green hills of the Shire and the murky depths of Mordor, there are dozens of other locations that you may not remember by name.

Take the quiz below to see if you are a true scholar of Middle-Earth, and keep track how how many you get right. You can see what your result is at the end of the quiz.


Home of the horse lords...


Realm of the elves...


Beware the orcs...


The ruins of men...


Monument of heroes...


The end of Oakenshield...


Tower of Saruman...


A place of merriment...


The ragged peaks...

How Did You Do?

0-2: Hobbit

You may not know much of the world, but that's because you prefer the safety and comfort of your very-own Hobbit. Just don't go on any adventures unless you have some company.

3-4: Dwarf

As you are confined to your Dwarven civilizations, you haven't done much in the way of traveling. You've seen a few sights here and there, but nothing more special than the treasure troves of the Dwarven kingdoms.

5-6: Man

You've traveled a bit throughout your life, and you've had your own adventures. You could probably point out the difference between Rohan and Gondor, but you probably couldn't separate Minas Morgul from Dol Guldur.

7-8: Elf

Though there are a few spots of Middle-Earth that you have not yet traveled to, you certainly know your way around the world. Probably due to your lust for knowledge.

9-10: Wizard

With your limitless lifespan, you've seen just about all there is of the world. You know the best path through the Misty Mountains, and you could navigate the Mines of Moria with ease.



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