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Ever since mention of Guardians of the Galaxy being apart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, believers realized that this new version of their beloved comic book characters was a lot bigger and was reaching not only certain heights with the Avengers franchise, but also to Marvel's cosmic realm as well. After a year from Guardians of the Galaxy's release and news of a Captain Marvel movie in the works, one wonders where else in space the Marvel Cinematic Universe will go...

Personally, I think a Nova movie is the best idea.

Character Background

The main idea of many of the characters involved around the Nova comics is essentially similar to Green Lantern. Beings from across the galaxy are selected by what is called the Nova Corps to protect their certain sector or region from cosmic threats.

Nova (Richard Rider)
Nova (Richard Rider)

The first Nova introduced to the comics was Richard Rider, a high school student randomly selected by the Nova Corps to become an intergalactic superhero. Nova's powers are basically the ability to turn into a human rocket, and is the main power of all Nova characters in Marvel comics. The character went through many trials and was followed by many readers who saw the character grow up. This would be beneficial to Marvel Studios, casting wise, considering they would have a younger, teenaged actor starting and playing the role for many years to come. This is similar to the case of Tom Holland as Spider-Man, considering they casted an actor very close to the character's true age in the comics.

Sam Alexander (The Second Nova)
Sam Alexander (The Second Nova)

The same idea applies to the second Nova, Sam Alexander, who receives his powers when he is only 15 years old. However, this might be the version of Nova that they choose to incarnate in the Cinematic Universe. Not only is it a relatable high school student like Rider's character, but this version has a touching story about a boy trying to find his father after he goes missing. With this family value added to the storyline, it helps the movie not only make us relate to the character, but also buy into the fact that this teenager was brought into the Nova Corps because his father was involved with the corporation in a past life.

The Character is already well known

Sam Alexander in "Ultimate Spider-Man" cartoon.
Sam Alexander in "Ultimate Spider-Man" cartoon.

Although Marvel has never had problems introducing obscure characters like Star-Lord or Ant-Man to the big screen, it wouldn't be a problem to gain an audience for a Nova-based movie because this character has already been introduced. Nova is seen many times in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon on Disney XD. So, not only is this character known, but he's also known due to the popularity of Spider-Man, again because of the high school aspect of the character's secret identities. This show also signifies the possibility of a crossover between these characters, which is a popular element of the Marvel Cinematic Universe found in the Avengers movies and the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film.

And the final argument as to whether or not a Nova film can be made or not is that the Nova Corps was already introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy. I mean, sure, it wasn't human rockets flying on the screen, but knowing that Marvel felt it necessary to even mention the Nova Corps in this movie gives one hope that these characters will be back, and hopefully we'll see an evolved version of them where they can actually fly.


What do you guys think? Do you want Nova to be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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