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Zachary Cornett

Hello all of you Michael Myers fanatics! It has been a long time since we last heard any updates on the newest Halloween film titled Halloween Returns, but fortunately enough, director Marcus Dunstan recently did an interview with Darnell Weeks (aka The Myers Fan) and he revealed a bit more about the newest installment.

In the interview, Marcus Dunstan is very vague when giving answers about the mask, as well as what exactly the movie will be about. In the video, you can definitely tell that there is a lot of passion and dedication put towards the project. Dunstan also mentions how Michael Myers is more suspense rather than gore such as Jason and Freddy. This is a key point in the interviews (below in 2 parts) that I found to be interesting and has given me a bit more hope for the sequel.

Halloween Returns has been reported to be a direct sequel to Halloween II (1981). With no actual plot being confirmed, who knows exactly what this newest installment will be about. All I can say is that I'm excited to see Michael Myers be back on the big screen! It's been too long.

Below you can get an insight on what Dunstan has to say about the new project and what he intends to do with it. *Unfortunately, the audio interview was lost, but roughly 20 minutes of it was salvaged. To get a bit more information, head over to where you can get all news that is Halloween related!


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