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Many person are starting to believe this theory ... so I want to share it with you guys.

I think bill repossessed Dipper's body when Dipper turn into wood..

The postes look familiar!! The shapeshither said "This is how you take you final form"

Then when the spell broke Dipper grab his body ... He look like he had no idea what was happening

It just don't seem right....

There is where bill possess him. When Mcgucket told him about the doomday device... dipper didn't seem to care at all!!!

The dipper we know would go crazy!!!

During this beginning of "Not what he seem" Dipper seem normal until

Dipper was going to press it but they started floating and mabel was the one close to it and dipper was going crazy and telling mabel to shut down the machine

Mabel listen to stan and dipper got mad

At that part Dipper has the eyes of bill!!!

Maybe Bill can control him!

Who knows? ?????

I guess we will finding out soon.

Tell in the comments what do you think about this theory

I think it could be true


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