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Andrew McMillan

Hello, guys! I apologize for not posting in a VERY LONG TIME. But, I just wanted to drop in with something I am doing.

I am in the progression of developing a storyline about teenage characters living in an apocalyptic world, forcing the teens to fight unbelievable odds for their young ages (13-17, etc, you know). I have written Episode One: A Firm Ending, and it has been posted on Wattpad, where you can read it. Episode Two (name TBA) is underway. Let me provide you with a small summary of what this series is about:

A world dragged apart by World War III is now facing the repercussions. Twenty years after WWIII and the government being decimated, a new form of government arises to protect its people from oncoming peril. Corrupted by evil, the once present form of apocalyptic government is ALSO destoryed; destroyed by evil, and is now using their police officers, military, and every other form of government to take out survivors of the War who retaliate agaisnt their commands. With nowhere to turn, groups of survivors spread out to live among themselves, away from the menacing government. Still, they are not safe. Government police men, military, and random homeless thugs roam every crevice of the survivors' feeble society, putting all at risk... This is The Lines of Struggle.

Read Episode One: A Firm Ending on Wattpad by clicking this link:

Thanks for reading and let me know what you guys think, either in comments here, or there! ;)


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