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Nearly everybody belongs to one fandom or another, whether it's Harry Potter, Star Wars, Superheroes (that's me!), Dr. Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Star Trek, horror, Lord of the Rings, or something else. With the vastness of the movie industry today, there is something out there for everyone. However, how many people are "ultimate fans"? People with so much knowledge they could belong to every single fandom. Not only do they know the most obscure Harry Potter spells they can also tell you how many orcs there are in Lord of the Rings. The following test will put your knowledge to the test to figure out if you are worthy enough to stand among the ranks and be crowned the Ultimate Fan!

Let's start this off with an easy one...


1. Who is the author of the Harry Potter series?

Harry Potter Fun Fact: Before the American version of Philosopher's Stone (known in the US as the Sorcerer's Stone) was released it was originally going to be titled Harry Potter and the School of Magic

A little bit harder...


2. What was the first science fiction movie to be nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award?

Science Fiction Fun Fact: Only 8 sci-fi films have been nominated for Best Picture, the latest one being Gravity starring Sandra Bullock.

How good is your memory?


3. As of Season 9, Sam and Dean Winchester have died a combined total of

Want to know how that breaks down? Click here to find out!

Ready for some obscure Whovian goodness?


4. Which 80's legend almost played the Doctor in a standalone american film?

Dr. Who Fun Fact: Two of the actors playing the Doctor have married actresses who had continuing or key roles in the series: Tom Baker was briefly married to Lalla Ward, who played the Time Lady Romana, in the early 1980s, and David Tennant is now married to Georgia Moffett, who played the Doctor’s daughter, Jenny (and is, coincidentally, the real-life daughter of the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison). - via EW

This test is getting harder!


5. How many people have died in Game of Thrones?

George sure has killed a lot of people. To see a video of all the deaths on screen click here!

Have any idea on this next one?


6. What iconic character was almost cut from the show?

Star Trek Fun Fact: 4. George Takei (who portrayed Sulu) once called for peace between Star Wars and Star Trek fans to unite against Twilight fans. – via AV Club

It's getting tricky!


7. What is the first line said by an Avenger in Age of Ultron?

Age of Ultron Fun Fact: While filming scene with James Spader (Ultron), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Quicksilver) would shout "Red Balls! Look at his balls, Lizzie!" to Elizabeth Olson (Scarlet Witch) to remind her where Ultron's eyes would be. - via IMDB.

Almost done...


8. In the Lord of the Rings, what do the elves call the Hobbits?

LotR Fun Fact: Every single character in The Fellowship of the Ring wore a wig, except for child actor Billy Jackson (son of director Peter Jackson) who already had "perfect hobbit hair." - via Empire

Only a couple left...


9. Before Martin Freeman was cast, which actor audition for the role of Watson?

Sherlock Fun Fact: Holmes never says ‘Elementary, my dear Watson.’ The closest he gets is in ‘The Crooked Man’ when after Watson cries ‘Excellent!’ Sherlock dryly replies, ‘Elementary.’ - via Buzzfeed

Last one...


10. What was the original title for Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Horror Fun Fact: Jack Nicholson had worked as a volunteer firefighter, so when he tore down the bathroom door in The Shining, he decimated the prop door too easily and had to use a real door. - via Thought Catalog

How many were you able to get correct? What was your favorite fun fact? Comment Below!


How many did you get right?


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