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Why Iron Man is Not the Villain & 4 Things To Know About Captain America: Civil War

4. Iron Man is not the villain

If you have read the 'Civil War' comic, you know that Tony Stark did some pretty questionable things that made him look more like a super villain rather than the hero most people view him as. Here is a list of some of the things he did during 'Civil War':

  • He enforced the Superhuman Registration act which was incredibly flawed and very controversial. Although it had well-meaning it had a lot of problems and Stark refused to acknowledge any of them. He also refused to peacefully negotiate with Captain America.
  • He convinced Spider-Man to reveal his identity to the public, which later got his loved ones in serious danger.
  • He built a clone of Thor with Reed Richards called 'Ragnarok' which later killed Bill Foster/Goliath. This incident made a lot of people on Stark's team switch over to Cap's team. Even after the machine murdered Foster, Stark still continued to use it.
  • He employed murderers such as Bullseye and Lady Deathstrike to hunt down unregistered heroes.
  • He had superheroes locked up in Prison 42 in The Negative Zone which is a hostile alternate dimension. He also said he would keep them in there indefinitely if they decided not to register. This is why Spider-Man joined Cap's team.
  • Finally, after Captain America was killed he attempted to dress Hawkeye up as Captain America and use him to hunt down unregistered heroes. He also threatened to have him arrested if he didn't comply.

Now, we won't see Stark do any of that in the film because as the point says he isn't the villain of the movie. He will be against Cap, but that doesn't mean he will be a villain or bad guy. The villain of the film will be Helmut Zemo played by Daniel Bruhl. As of yet it is unknown how Zemo will tie into the main story, but the most speculated guess is that he is working with Iron Man in the government, but is secretly planning to eliminate all of the heroes.

3. Winter Soldier plays a crucial role

Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier is not going to have a good time in this film. He is one of the main reasons why Captain America and Iron Man are fighting in the first place, If you don't know Bucky is the one who killed Tony's parents, Howard and Maria Stark, and now Tony wants to see him answer for his crimes.

However Captain America is defending his old friend because at the time, Bucky was being brainwashed by HYDRA and he couldn't do anything about it. We know that in this film Bucky will be on Cap's side, and we know that he got himself captured some how and that Cap and Falcon find him as seen in the post credits of Ant-Man. The question is who put him there in the first place? It wasn't Tony because they mention that he has no idea about this. I have a feeling Zemo had something to do with it, but we will have to wait and find out.

2. This isn't an Avengers movie

While there are a lot of characters in this film it doesn't mean it's automatically an Avengers movie. Kevin Feige, Anthony Mackie, The Russo Brothers and Robert Downey Jr have said that this film is all about Steve Rogers. Basically look at like this, it's a Captain America story that features The Avengers as supporting characters.

The other main characters are mostly characters from Cap's personal world like Falcon, Bucky, Black Panther (he is good friends with Cap in the comics so it will be interesting to see how it plays out in this film) Zemo and Black Widow. Iron Man is a main character too (obviously) but RDJ said that he doesn't get as much screen time as Cap.

1. Don't expect too much Spider-Man

Okay, so we know that Spider-Man won't just have a really small cameo appearance it will be more than that; but will his role be as big as it was in the comics? No. By the time Tom Holland was cast, Kevin Feige said they were just over half way done filming. According to sources, Holland was only needed on set for 6-7 days, they used a stunt double for the Spidey scenes.

I have also heard that he only has two fight scenes. One of them was reported to be a fight against Captain America, as for the other one my guess is he helps the heroes fight Zemo and his forces at the end. He will most likely get around 15 minutes of screen time, similar to Vision in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, so he will likely appear towards the climax of the movie.


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