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I give the "double negative" for the latest digests in gaming.
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The Double Negative: With the most impressive car combat, brutal hand-to-hand combat, and sweet customization, Mad Max is one of my all-time favorite video games.

After witnessing the ever-successful Mad Max: Fury Road film this summer, my hopes for the Mad Max game shot up faster than a unicorn in heat riding a rainbow. And I'm happy to say that my hopes and dreams were ultimately not crushed!

In Mad Max, you play as Max, who has just lost his most prized possession: his car. Left out to die with nothing left, you must survive and build up a new war machine, or as Chumbucket calls it, the "Magnum Opus". Who's Chumbucket? Take you're friendly old neighbor, combine him with a hobo, and smash him against a concrete wall. That's Chumbucket. He follows you in the back of your car and guides you through your journey with a wacky and sort-of-funny personality.

The gameplay is extremely fun and, unlike other reviewers have said, I found it to be not repetitive at all, at least not any more than the Batman: Arkham series. About 60% of the game consists of car combat, where you battle your completely-customized Magnum Opus against enemy factions throughout the open world and in missions. The rest is all scavenging for resources and fighting in hand-to-hand brutal combat. The combat system in this game is the best I've ever seen.

The customization in this game is quite extensive, with lots of balanced options for customizing both your car and Max himself. The Magnum Opus has upgrades ranging from hood ornaments to paint jobs to car bodies, while Max's upgrades range from faces (hair, face paint, etc) to combat skills to ammo belts for your shotgun. Did I mention you have a shotgun?

"Magnum Opus" customization
"Magnum Opus" customization

Throughout the game, I noticed something. The world is absolutely HUGE (and gorgeous too). Most games that have this trait are very vague with nothing to fill in the gaps, but Mad Max fixes that. Scavenging locations (loot spots), side missions, enemy camps, and even new car bodies await you in this authentic wasteland.

Exceptional car combat
Exceptional car combat

One thing that I was concerned about was whether it was going to line up with the current universe presented in Mad Max: Fury Road, and oh yeah, it does. The color grading is literally spot-on, and the enemies' behaviors are all what you would see in the movies. Max himself has authentic-looking clothing and gear, and the car looks exactly from what you'd see in the films as well.

The only problem I could find in Mad Max is that you can die quite easily if you clumsily fall off ledges or cliffs, which lemme' tell ya, it's quite easy to do so. My advice to you is to take it slow until you get used to Max's movement style.


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