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Straight outta Compton is a raw look at the rise to fame of the now famous and immortalized rap stars: Eazy E, Ice Cube & Dr. Dre.

The spot on character portrayal is augmented by the ruthless soundtrack and coveys the brutal truth of life for black Americans of the time. Scattered throughout are the 'real footage' clips of news reports and video recordings adding to the gravitas these gentlemen possessed when on stage and in the recording studio.

The film acts as a display of brotherhood as they fight the power of the law enforcement while trying not to be consumed by the beast that is the music industry. The appearance of other well known artist in name (no cameos sadly) shows the rippling effect these men had on the music industry and how they raw talent was cultivated and passed on to the next generation.

However the film is slightly longer than it needs to be it dwells in the decor of american excess and enjoys too many a party scene as the run time does drag on.

Yet it is a fantastic piece in loving memory of one of their comrades in rhyme and coveys some truly emotional scenes with nothing but sympathy and empathy resonating in the audience.

Talking points:

If you see this film you will like --- The Soundtrack, The character portrayal, The insight into police/black community relations, The Glamorous lifestyle

You won't like --- The run time, Suge Knight's character, The fact you'll never be that cool.

Recommendation - See in Cinema


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