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Hello everyone. I am writing another article for you, and I did a lot of thinking about who I would want as my new MCU cast. All of the choices are my dream choices and who would give a true portrayal. Here we go!

Colin Farrell as Tony Stark / Iron Man

Jensen Ackles as Steve Rogers / Captain America

Alison Brie as Natasha Romanov / Black Widow

Bradley Cooper as Steve Barton/ Hawkeye

Charlie Hunnam as Thor

James Franco as Bruce Banner/ Hulk

Tommy Lee Jones as Odin

Jake Gyllenhaal as Loki

Adrian Brody as Scott Lang/ Ant Man

(I prefer Scott over Hank myself)

Chitwetel erifor ojor as T'Challa/ Black Panther

Michael Fassbender as Stephen Strange/ Doctor Strange

Michael B Jordan as Sam Wilson/ Falcon

Miles Teller as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man

Christoph Waltz as Carnage

Matthew McConaughey as Norman Osborn/ Green Goblin

James Hong as Mandarin

Jason Clarke as Peter Quill/ Star Lord

Gilbert Godfrey as Rocket Racoon

Mel Gibson as Nick Fury

( Yeah, I know he is kinda weird now but still)

Amanda Seyfried as Gwen Stacy

Jeff Bridges or Bryan Cranston as Thanos

( I could not decide on who should play him, both so deserving )

That's all, hope you guys found my picks intersting. Sorry I didn't have time to fill in the rest of the Guardians, Captain Marvel, Vision or Winter Soldier. I will post another section later.

Comment on what was your favorite, BYE!


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