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The idea of something like that actually happening, especially in such closed quarters, and not being able to leave is terrifying to me. The only reason it didn't scare me that much horror-wise (other than the fact that it's difficult for horror films to scare me) is that I saw Quarantined first, so I knew what would happen. Insidious definitely creeped me out and made me jump once, but the red demon part scares me every time. The Conjuring is one of my favorite horror films, and probably one of my favorite films in general, and it always freaks me out. There's something about supernatural horror films that gets me more than the other types of horror, specifically films about demons and exorcisms. I love 28 Days Later as well. I think it's one of the better zombie films and them running makes it much scarier. Whenever they start chasing people in hordes, I find myself tensing up. Dark Water was pretty scary to me, especially the bathroom scene at the little girl's school. I still think about that film almost every time I'm in a public restroom. The Ring is a good one. I just find it entertaining. But overall...I will always find Halloween to be the best horror film in history. It would've been #1 on my list. Good list! I'll have to make my own soon.

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