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The Lobster, written and directed by Athens-born Yorgos Anthimos (Dogtooth), is a dystopian parable set in the near future where being single is verboten. Those without a mate are given 45 days to find someone or they’re turned into animals.

Colin Farrell plays David, a dour, regular guy with a bit of a paunch who’s been roughed up by his wife dumping him.

With the intention of putting things right, David checks into a bizarre place called The Hotel (because it is one) and confronts his deadline of finding a new mate.

When meeting with The Hotel manager, played by Broadbent star, Olivia Colman, David consents to being turned into a lobster if he fails at his quest…simply because he likes the sea.

He finds his quest difficult and things get even more complicated when he meets and falls for The Loner, played by Rachel Weisz…also known as the Short-Sighted Woman.

She does her own thing.
She does her own thing.

The Lobster did very well at the Cannes Film Festival where it won the Jury & the Grand Jury Prizes, Special Mention Award and was nominated for the Palm d’Or Award.

Overall, the film has garnered significant critical praise for its originality and satirical subject matter.

Colin Farrell has also been on the receiving end of the plaudits.

Eric Kohn, for Indiewire, said Farrell’s frumpy turn as David is his “most original performance” ever.

Farrell & Weisz.
Farrell & Weisz.

Richard Lawson, of Variety, praised Colin Farrell (and other cast members) for realizing the “fragility” and “intricacy” of the characters.

Leigh Snider of IGN called Farrell (and Weisz) “quietly heart-breaking.”

In addition to the wildly original material (which includes characters with crazy weird names), the seaside Ireland setting, the film features an outstanding supporting cast which includes John C. Reilly, Olivia Colman and Ashley Jensen.

Though the film doesn’t have a USA release date yet (it does have an Ireland release on October 16), that should be announced soon because I can’t imagine its distributor, Alchemy, would miss a chance for this production to be included in the upcoming North American awards season.


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