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For the unfamiliar, Miranda Sings is one of the stellar musical-comedy sensations of the YouTube generation. It is a Millennial variety show, featuring music numbers, guests and other comedy routines, featuring (the fictitious) Miranda Sings, a wildly self-involved young woman who considers herself an incredible actress, dancer, magician, and supermodel who records shows out of her bedroom the house where she lives with her mother and uncle.

She is, in effect, the only person in the world who doesn’t understand how completely talentless she is.

Haters back off...
Haters back off...

Miranda is the creation of Colleen Ballinger Evans (who performs as Miranda). She originated the title character as a parody of the many wannabe singers who think that posting videos to YouTube is a recipe for success.

Yet, Miranda is a massive success. She has nearly 5 million “suscribers” (as Miranda calls them) and her more than 450 videos have resulted in nearly 640 million views since it began in early 2008.

She also has a wildly successful live world tour, a website with brisk merchandise sales, a best-selling book “Selp-Helf” and has made guest appearances on a number of shows, including The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Colleen Ballinger Evans
Colleen Ballinger Evans

Recently, on the personal YouTube of Mrs. Evans, called psychosoprano (which has 3 million subscribers and almost 4 million views) she teased the following:

Jay Diaz, the filmmaker mentioned in the tease, is professionally associated with Ms. Evans and her singer husband, Joshua Evans.

Few details have been revealed to date though a film would make sense.

The question remains as to whether “The Road to Miranda” is a comedy film or a documentary. The title implies that it could go either way.

Further, there is no mention as to what method the film will be distributed though with a viewership and loyalty that Miranda Sings commands, doing any kind of a movie is a massive no-brainer.

More details when they become available.

Should you know more about “The Road to Miranda” feel free to share your information in the comments section below.

Queen of all she surveys.
Queen of all she surveys.

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