ByFloyd Jones Sanders, writer at

It seemed clear to me, the editing killed this movie, but first I'lI talk about what I loved. This incarnation of the Thing hands down beats the other versions. Their remake of him took away that cartoon look and gave him a truly rocking exterior. Jagged, frightening, powerful, and imposing. Their remaking of the Invisible Woman's powers-genious. Not only is she invisible, but she can move objects and fly-AWESOME. Now to the what weighed the movie down. The actor playing Mr. Fantastic seemed lost and stiff. His interpretation of Reed Richards was neither fantastic nor elastic. For a character with genius intellect, the actor failed to express the character's passion and excitement for science in his adulthood. He over emphasized Reeds cold coolness and awkward attraction for Sue too much at the cost of the characters bland sense of humor, innocent recklessness, and social awkwardness as expressed in his childhood. I thought the child Reed did a better job of interpreting Reed Richards than the adult. The Human Torch was leashed to over emphasizing angry and bitter ranting around fatherhood issues rather than quip and witty banter with the antagonist. Dr. Doom wasn't fully realized as a foe and the buildup to his reveal as the villain lacked justification for his rage - stay off my world! Really. Plus, the way they quickly defeated him didn't make him seem like he was much of a threat. The actor did a great job of making Doom a sympathetic character though. The title fight we were looking for lacked length and passion. The Fantastic Four didn't live up to the preview hype because the best scenes were edited leaving a hallow lack luster version to arrive in theater. I wanted the Thing jumping from the Carrier and dropping onto the tank-cut. I anticipated seeing the Invisible Woman flying skillfully and bursting through the rock. I geared up for a titanic mind blowing battle. I went in looking for the movie they advertised in the previews and was sadly disappointed by the version they aired.

While editing killed this movie, I am hoping editing can save it!


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