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Hollywood is always on the lookout for their next big film franchise and studios have shown their willingness to create films based around books, comics, and toys. Spy-gear is one of these toy brands and could be another potential movie franchise if a studio takes notice and decides to secure the film rights. The brand itself is basically comprised of toys that look like spy devices that are primarily geared towards boys. The ads for the toy usually show a child using the toys to spy on family members or to complete a mock-mission.

Spy-gear presents another oppurtunity to create a franchise that combines a child's perspective and the world of spying and espionage. The property could be fun to adapt and take on since there are a number of ways to tackle the task of constructing a movie that appeals to kids and spy fans. The film could be live-action or animated, but the latter option is probably the best route in order to avoid comparisons to past films that deal with similar material.

One way of approaching the story could be focusing on a group of children who receive toys that look like spy gadgets from a mysterious individual only to discover that they are marketed as toys in order to ward off suspicion. The mysterious individual could then reveal themselves as the head of a secret organization that recruits children to conduct espionage on and gather intelligence on potentially dangerous individuals. Only the children do not engage or capture these individuals they only observe and report so that trained agents can effectively deal with the threat.

There are arguments that this could just be another Spy-kids since it deals with children and spying but there are ways to differentiate Spy-gear from this movie and do something new with the idea while adding to the genre. Spy-gear could offer a different take that also tries to add some realism while still being fun. Spy kids was bit too campy and some of the situations seemed over top and silly but it was still enjoyable.

It's unlikely that there will be a Spy-gear movie but then again we never know where hollywood will look for adaptable properties to use for films so this is somewhere in the realm of possibility since nothing seems to be entirely off limits. Spy-gear is a chance to do something different or ground breaking with the child-spy genre ( maybe even avoid another Alex rider debacle ). This is just one of the of the many fish in the sea that hollywood could catch, but we'll see what happens.


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