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As I'm sure we'd all agree, there are hundreds if not thousands of choices for a film worthy enough to be chosen and passed down through the generations. From dramas to comedies, as long as the story is good and meaningful, any film can become someone's choice to pass on the the next generation of young people. For me, I had to choose the movie that has meant the most to not only me, but my family: The Princess Bride.

This film was chosen by my dad, uncles, and aunts as the film worthy enough to pass on to me, my brothers, and cousins. Comedy runs through the veins of each and every member of my family and it is what connects each and every one of us despite our huge differences otherwise. Everyone in my family has varying degrees of film knowledge, but the film we can all quote front to back is The Princess Bride. It is the one film we all swear upon and that binds us together.

I remember as a kid, I'd watch this film alone at night when I would go to bed. I would have to watch it all the way through at least once before I could sleep because I just enjoyed it too much not to watch all of it. However, the best memories I have watching this film is watching with my dad, brothers, and uncles. We would play sports like pool and football, but nothing ever came close to bringing us together like this movie did. I have never felt closer with any of them than when I watched that film. Being the youngest child in my family (cousins included) it was always harder for me to bond with the other kids, but this movie served as my one connection to the rest of them. No matter what, I could always bond with them with this one thread of commonality. For this, I'm eternally grateful for the wisdom of my elders choosing this film to pass on.

The Princess Bride is an amazing blend of comedy that really is in a niche of its own. There are many comedies that serve as legendary films or groundbreaking cinema, but this one is just purely funny through and through. You can always tell how good a comedy is by the quotability of the film, and this one surpasses all of the competition.

This completes my final entry for the 5 Day Movie Challenge, and I must say it's been really fun getting to share each pick with you guys! I hope you had fun reading about all of these films, and I hope I've inspired you all to check out the ones you haven't seen, and re-watch and connect about the ones you have seen. I hope you'll continue to follow me to see even more of articles about all things movies, TV, video games, and comics. Thanks for reading guys!



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