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Moviepilot creator, Mike Mack, started the 5 Day Movie Challenge last week, and it was definitely a great idea that that took off with a lot our our creators. Everyone was eager to share their own personal opinions and views on movies that were special to them and I'd like to think it added a little more charm to the face of the Moviepilot community. That said, we here at Moviepilot would like to continue this positive energy by starting another challenge: The 5 Day TV Challenge.

Starting from today, we challenge you to tell us your favourite TV stories and opinions. The categories for this challenge are as follows:

  • Day 1 - A Show I Binged Watched In One Sitting
  • Day 2 - A Show I'm Embarrassed To Admit I've Never Seen
  • Day 3 - A Show I Wasn't Allowed To Watch as a Kid, But Did Anyway
  • Day 4 - A Show I've Watched Again And Again
  • Day 5 - A Show I'm Embarrassingly Obsessed With

In addition, I'm nominating the following 5 Moviepilot creators to join in this challenge:

Don't forget to use the [](tag:3531387) tag as well!

Sounds Fun? I'll start things off with this! (o^.^)b

A Show I Binged Watched In One Sitting: Daredevil

When Netflix and Marvel announced they were going to reboot Daredevil in the form of a TV show, I was skeptical. All the previews I saw leading up to the premier didn't help either. No matter what I saw, I still couldn't wash the bad taste of the Daredevil movie out of my mouth.

I couldn't be more wrong.
I couldn't be more wrong.

Then the show was released, and I ignored it. Then everyone online started to talk about it. Then my friends started to talk about it. Then I decided to watch it myself to see what all the hype was about. After 13 hours I then attempted to put my foot in my mouth for all the bad things I said leading up to that moment. The Daredevil Netflix series was in a word: fantastic!

Daredevil is one of those rare shows that defied expectations and delivered a compelling world that you wanted to invest your time into. The acting was great, Hell's Kitchen felt alive and real, and it was definitely a welcome change of tone from what we've come to expect from Marvel. Plus, it helped that Netflix series premiers all of their episodes at once and not in a weekly format.

Thirteen hours at once? I regret nothing.


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