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DISCLAIMER Update: I just searched Age of Ultron alternate ending and had literally no clue that people were waiting for an actual alternate ending from the Blu Ray. I didn't read that news. So. . . no other way to say this than. . my bad.

I didn't write an Avengers: Age of Ultron review. Mainly because I didn't go see it opening day. I actually saw it in the middle of the week at a matinee. Which don't get me wrong, it was glorious. We were in there alone, no annoying sounds around us and could really focus on the movie, but not going to see it opening day means I'd be pretty late to the moviepilot reviewing party. Especially since I'm sure we have some creators from across the pond who saw it before it was even out here so I'd just be really late. I do however love doing alternate endings. It really gets the creativity flowing for my other work. I do have some other alternate endings although kind of old and probably about movies you don't care about but if you want to check those out just follow my profile. Also I probably shouldn't have to say it but let's go ahead and slap a SPOILER ALERT in there anyway. If you haven't seen AOU, probably shouldn't read this. Turn back.

Okie doke, onto the topic at hand. I really enjoyed AOU.. I really liked the comic book too. Age of Ultron was definitely a favorite of mine. I didn't care for the time travel and stuff but still it had it's perk. As for the movie I didn't have too many complaints, it was very solid and a good build off of not only the first movie but the movies that came after the Avengers: Tony's darkened perspective after IM3 but not as reliant on suits + Iron Legion, Cap 2 with Shield gone and Scepter being in Hydra hands, Thor. . . . well Thor was there.

A few notes before I go into the endings: didn't really care much for Vision. Don't get me wrong, I love his whole shtick and how he came to be, but he was Jarvis, Tony's right hand named after his dad's best friend (and valet?). Jarvis is his co pilot. Jarvis had to be in there somewhere along with Vision but after he became the Vision he seemed like Tony was somehow beneath him. I could be wrong, could be misinterpreting something but I just didn't feel any of Jarvis' charm in Vision. Second, don't really care for Friday either. I'm sure the lady that voice's her is a very nice lady but Friday seemed too skittish. She seems more alarmed than Tony did. Really not a positive for women when even the A.I. voice sounds like a scared little girl. I think I would have preferred to see what Jocasta was like. Third wished they did something a little more impressive with his armor. I don't mean Veronica, that was awesome but that was a Hulkbuster armor. After the suitcase armor, the iron legion armors and the armor that tracked the wristbands the armor that fought Ultron seemed a little dull. Especially considering he had the self driving car near the end. I think after the weight of creating Ultron, it would have been a good chance to really debut the black and gold with red repulsor armor, armor 42 in the comics. Especially since now he doesn't have the chest piece so the repulsors can be any color.

Last, isn't a complaint I just really liked the Hulk/Widow relationship and it kind of disappoints me a lot of people were upset about it just as much as the other questionable Black Widow stuff. I especially loved the last scene we see of the Hulk. Alright enough yammering onto the endings.

The team foils Ultron's plans. Use the mind stone and some Thor stuff to make the Vision. They go to Sokovia, have a massive battle fighting the Ultron robots, only to find out he plans to lift the city up in the air then I guess drop it back down or something to kill a whole lot of people. They take the battle to him and commandeer his stronghold with the gravity machine in it and start kicking major robot tail. Things still seem bad but then the cavalry shows up. Wonder twin dies and the other one leaves her post to go revenge kill Ultron in his face. Ultron bot #341 presses the button on the doom machine because obviously a living computer would have a machine that's push button instead of on a closed network or something. With most people safe they blow the place to kingdom come.

Hulk dumps Widow going all 70s "I need to be alone, for both our sakes" on her. Iron Man quits. Sam doesn't even bother to show up for the final battle but he is seen at the end with new wings and no explanations. Although Tony says I build everything so I'm just going to give him the credit. Thor goes to do Thor things after his cave pool hallucination. Hawkeye DIES!!! Just kidding but he quits too because he's is no longer bout that life. Black Widow is chillin training some newbies with Captain America. Does Rhodey really need training though? I mean he's pretty much Iron Man's partner. The only person in need of extensive training is probably scary red Matilda.

So obviously this is a respectable ending. It closes up loose ends, it bridges onto the next in the series and it reveals to us the future Avengers team. Probably.

I just didn't find Ultron to be quite as imposing enough. People have mentioned how the ending for this one seemed to just mirror the first one just with new gear. Cut out the Ultron bots and replace it with chitauri and it's pretty much the same thing. I didn't really care about that part. I liked that part of the fight and Ultron does like making copies of himself even though most of the bots didn't look anything like the original. I would keep the rest of it up until about the scene where they're all firing blasts at him. After the Ultron bots have been destroyed the Avengers take a moment to regroup and collect themselves, kind of catch their breath.

Then that's when the Ultron start coming together taking whatever working pieces are left in each to make a perfect Ultron one that is larger, stronger and more durable than Veronica. They go to try to take on Ultron but they start getting ragdolled, He shows signs that he is evolving even further than they thought he would. Captain America is running the plays, telling the moves but Ultron stops him at every turn. Finally Vision decides the only way to save the day is to sacrifice himself. He takes the mind stone off of his head and phases through Ultrons head absorbing his mind back into the mind stone in a brilliant flash of light. All the Ultron bots power down as does the machine (because it's connected to Ultron). Then Sokovia begins to fall and they make the decision to destroy it. War Machine or even Falcon saves Vision who surprise isn't dead but just knocked out since his hand was still on the mind stone. He places it back on his head where it belongs. Then everyone lives happily. Except Hulk. Who is sad and alone.

What this ending does is it makes Ultron more imposing because he isn't just another one off bad guy who is killed at the end. Ultron is locked into the mind gem and once Thanos gets the mind gem will eventually release him by accident or something. It's entirely possible that his mind was absorbed in the end of the real ending too.

Ultron's problem in this movie wasn't that he didn't give us a human enough experience but that he was too human and not in a subtle way either. In the animated show Earth's Mightiest Heroes it was extremely subtle that the biggest downfall of Ultron is that he was made by humans and inherently has human traits like pride and arrogance. Even going as far as wanting a companion in Jocasta. Ultron is a computer that is constantly upgrading and evolving much but they dumbed him down to be nothing more than a person doing basic online research.

Also, it at least somewhat separates itself from the Battle of New York as far as the legions of enemies were only the beginning of the problem. This Ultron is stronger, faster, smarter than everyone and truly deserving of the character from the comics and cartoons who is constantly one step ahead at all times. Finally trapping him in the mind stone adds another dimension to Vision's character as he may be in a constant battle to control Ultron and keep him dormant and docile. Constantly breaking apart his consciousness every time it builds up too much. Imagine a tortured Ultron coming back scarier than ever in a future movie except now there's no Cap to call the shots, no Iron Man to think 10 steps ahead of him. Maybe not even a Thor to be the powerhouse they need. A lot of the villains are more docile and a lot smaller a threat than they were in the comics, Mandarin, Red Skull, and Malekith as examples. I don't think Ultron should be included in that list.

UPDATE 9/11/15: I've heard complaints about Vision's "fake death" and how it compares with Groot, Baymax, Loki and Pepper Potts. I know we're all tired of fake deaths or temporary deaths. When I wrote that part for Vision I never expected for him to even appear like he was dead in the first place but I may have wrote it incorrectly. I was assuming it'd be comparable to the end of the first movie with Iron Man except his hand would open to reveal the mind gem before he placed it back in his head. Maybe Scarlet Witch could even give him a jump start. I considered it different also in the consequence of it. Sort of like Iron Man but not exactly Ultron would be an ever present annoyance of Vision who would work to keep him contained. His sacrifice would be mental. He might even start seeing hallucinations of Ultron and talking to him. Maybe even during the fight with Thanos it would be Ultron who causes Vision to mess up and lose, causing Thanos to get the mind gem.

If you like this article or have some thoughts of your own on the subject show some love in the comments below. Know a friend who'd think this was neat go ahead and share it. If you think it could have gone a different way feel free to make a post of your own, I'm not stingy. Also I realize after proofreading that I drew some of my inspiration from Dragon Ball Z, (Android 13 and Mecha Cooler). If it's good enough for DBZ it's good enough for me.


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