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It's hard to believe that it's been nine years since Malcolm in the Middle left the air and forced us to totally reevaluate how to laugh again, but this week there's been a tiny sliver of hope for the stalwart fans out there.

Let's put it this way: If there were a continuation of Malcolm and his family's hilariously dysfunctional story, would your celebratory dance rival Hal's incomparable roller-skating skills?

It may be a little too early to start lacing up those skates, but you could start looking into kneepads and sparkly blue ensembles.

That's because Malcolm himself teased the return of his imperfect family

Definitely far from a confirmation, but how perfect would a continuation be? Malcolm spent pretty much the entire series hating his childhood and wanting to grow up, so it would be perfectly fitting to watch his realization that there's nothing worse than adulthood.

When people quickly started latching onto the idea, Huffington Post writer Todd Van Luling did us all a favor and reached out to Muniz for comment.

It may not be a sure thing, but his response is promising

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Frankie Muniz had enough money at this point to singlehandedly get a rebooted series off the ground. If all that matters is the fan interest, we just need to show the powers that be how we will never get enough of Malcolm's laughable misfortune.

Because it's been nearly a decade since the Malcolm in the Middle cast was together on TV, let's take a look at what they all look like now!

Malcolm - Frankie Muniz

Reese - Justin Berfield

Francis - Christopher Masterson

Dewey - Erik Per Sullivan

Lois - Jane Kaczmarek

Hal - Bryan Cranston

And (almost) the whole gang back together

Even Jamie made an appearance!

It's clear that this group still has a lot of chemistry, and who doesn't want to see more Bryan Cranston on their screens? No more middling responses, we need Malcolm in the Mid-Life Crisis ordered to season as soon as possible.

(Source: Twitter via The Huffington Post)


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