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im a makeup artist who enjoys gore and movies...(and sometimes gory movies!) ;) i really hope you'll enjoy my page! if you want to see more
Danielle Raichner

Me and my Boyfriend both love Doctor Who, So the fact that i'm publishing this article isn't a surprise.

A Tardis galaxy scene I painted on my boyfriend's back, it took me two hours in total and lots and lots of glitter!


This makeup took a total of two and a half hours, he fell asleep twice.

The silence has fallen makeup! This took only ten minutes and it's great for beginners!

and last but not least, Don't Blink! the weeping angels!

when i did this makeup i made a video to go with it, i hope you'll like it!

(i think i made a pretty good david tennant)

If you will like to see more of my makeup, you can follow my instagram @Metuka10 ,or go to my profile and read more of my articles! i would love to hear some ideas for future makeup looks i cam do!



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