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Still got that car, I mean.

Beloved Brit Rowan Atkinson a.k.a. Mr. Bean took to Buckingham Palace yesterday to prove to the Queen (and perhaps, everybody else) that he's still popping around in his little green car, 25 years after the first episode of Mr. Bean hit our TV screens.

Joined by his little brown bear, Teddy, the duo celebrated the show's silver anniversary with a large, star-covered cake, which they took on a tour around the major London tourist attractions. Mr. Bean became something of a national treasure, famed for his absolute stupidity and general incomprehension for how the world works, which this clip below perfectly illustrates:

The way he seems to lose control of all facial muscles used to totally crack me up as a kid!

It's recently been rumored that Rowan Atkinson's other infamous character in Blackadder is potentially returning, after his co-star Tony Robinson let slip that a new series is "on the cards." I absolutely love Blackadder, so I'm crossing all fingers and toes for this one!

(Source: NME)


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