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They're cunning, calculating, skilled, fierce, unafraid, and did I mention, sexy in that way only women can be?

Below is a list of some badass female characters whose toes you don't want to step on. Be sure to stay clear out of their way!

1. Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road

This incredibly intelligent lady may be missing an arm, but her skills as a driver and with guns more than makes up for it. She is a fearless rebel leader, and even helps out her pal Max when he's caught in a few rough spots. She's someone I personally aspire to be like.

2. Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo series

Originally played by Noomi Rapace, and based on an incredible book series, Lisbeth is probably one of my real life heroes. She is a rebel who doesn't fit into society. She does what she wants, eats what she wants, screws who she wants, whether it be man or woman, and she is so smart, as she can code and hack like there is no tomorrow.

She is a survivor, and she isn't afraid to seek revenge on those who have crossed her.

Of course, I am partial to Noomi's original portrayal, I have to admit I did enjoy Rooney Mara's version of Lisbeth as well. Is it just me, or is black just the best color in the world?

3. Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games series

She's all instincts, and she can survive any challenge you put her up to. Her loyalty to her home and family is completely commendable, and she isn't afraid to challenge those in power.

That reminds me: I need to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow ASAP. I probably won't ever really need to use one, but it'll definitely be an impressive party trick.

4. Beatrix 'Black Mamba' Kiddo (The Bride) from Kill Bill Vol. I and II

A former member of the 'Deadly Viper Assassination Squad,' she knows how to properly execute the "Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique," a move that pretty much no one knows how to do. She will stop at nothing to find her child B.B., who was taken away from her shortly after she was put in a coma by her ex-lover Bill.

5. Cherry Darling from Planet Terror

She started off as a go-go dancer, but her leg was torn off by Sickos (zombies). Her lover El Wray gives her a M4 carbine/M203 grenade launcher as a leg, and she became even more badass than she already was.

6. Thelma and Louise from Thelma & Louise

Thelma escapes her controlling husband and Louise takes a break from her musician boyfriend as the two go on a mini vacation. Along the way, the duo gets involved in a few unfortunate incidents, including killing a man who tried to rape Thelma. The two outlaws try to escape the FBI, who get closer and closer to capturing the women.

This is the ultimate BFF duo, the true epitome of ride or die bitches.

7. Shoshanna Dreyfus from Inglorious Basterds

Nearly nothing is better than sweet, sweet revenge, and Shoshanna can attest to this. This strong woman has seen some shit, including her entire Jewish family killed by Nazis as she hid in the floorboards. She is finally able to avenge their deaths by getting back at Nazi Col. Landa.

8. Jen Yu from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

This woman wants nothing to do with a typical life of marriage and children. She escapes from an arranged marriage and instead chooses a life of adventure. Jen Yu steals the Green Destiny sword for herself and is learned in the stolen Wudang manual. She is a master fighter, and isn't afraid of anybody.

9. Joe from Nymphomaniac Vol. I and II

This woman can take a beating, and she likes it. Joe admits she is addicted to sex, and does whatever it takes to get her fix. I don't want to spoil the ending of Vol. II, but she has no problem defending herself after all the abuse she has experienced at the hands of those she thought she could trust most.

10. Cataleya Restrepo in Colombiana

Cataleya sadly saw her parents murdered right before her eyes as a kid, and was raised as an assassin. To say she's super badass is just an understatement. She's intelligent enough to outsmart the S.W.A.T team and the FBI. Restrepo has skills in martial arts and with firearms.

You don't want to get on her bad side, that's for sure.

11. Ellen Ripley in the Alien film series

Played by the phenomenal actress Sigourney Weaver, it is awesome to have finally been gifted a female lead in a sci-fi film, as the main characters are usually men. She is never defined by the men around her, or by her relationship to them, and she stands on her own.

I have to admit, I have always had a thing for badass girls, and Ellen Ripley is definitely included on my list.

12. Mindy Macready/Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass

She may be young and little, but don't be fooled, people! This badass chick has no problems beating you up, even if you are a full-grown man. Hit-Girl was raised by her father, and while some girls learned how to braid hair and paint their nails, this chick became skilled at brutally beating you down.

I would have traded my dolls for any of her knowledge in self-defense.

13. Foxy Brown from Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown is sexy, she's gutsy (and busty), and isn't shy about using her sexuality for her own gain. She is lusted by all men, and how can you blame them?! She has a killer figure. Too bad these blinded men don't know just how killer she really is.

A combination of deadly skills and killer looks is just plain dangerous. Alluring, but fearless, these ladies make me proud to be a woman.

After all, who says any of us can't be just as ferocious as them? Because we damn well can!

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