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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Not content with cinema having all of the ensemble fun, it looks as if Season 2 of Fox and WB's Gotham will have its very own team up of villainous proportions, as highlighted by a fresh sneak peek released by Fox.

S2's brand-spanking-new big bads Theo and Tabitha Galavan are relatively recent additions to the grime of the world's greatest fictional city, but they've already begun making major waves in the circuit of crime.

The clip sees six of Arkham's best and...erm, brightest, including the Jok- I mean Jerome and Barbara Kean (Jim Gordon's ex) to name a few, waking up in a strange, new place. In stroll the siblings Galavan, and, to the criminals' surprise, Theo offers them a cryptic yet surely tempting offer...

Check the clip out for yourself:

Prepare to return to Gotham on Fox this Sep. 21.

(Source: Gotham/YouTube)


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