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One of the most common questions we're asked by our Creators is: "how do I become a better writer?" We've found there's no one definitive answer to that query and a few important factors to consider; how often do you write? What genres do you generally prefer to write about? What areas of your writing would you most like to improve upon? How do you even define "better"?

This is why we put our heads together and devised a solution to this burning question - to create a fun and engaging learning program for our Creators!

We called it "MoviepilotU" (or MPU for short) and it was designed to not just answer that ever reoccurring question but to also help the individuals behind it follow their aspirations of becoming the best writer they can be!

The first round, for what we have now affectionately dubbed our 'MPUers', was completed on August 30th to resounding success and we are now proud to present some of the amazing feedback from the mouths (or rather fingertips) of those who were involved. If you're thinking about joining us for Round 2 of MPU on October 5th, why not first take a look at what a few of our graduates from our last program had to say.

Viktorio Serdarov - 3 Amazing Lessons That I Learned About Writing From MoviepilotU

"Although, I feel that before joining the program I was already an established writer on the site, there were still tons of things that I was able to learn through MPU."

Karina Thyra - How Being A Truebie led Me to Write on Moviepilot and Why I Still Do

"Fans who love to share their opinions will have a higher chance to be seen here and that's one of the reasons why I love it! ...this website is so engaging and I found writing fun."

Manas Rai - A Look-Back: My Journey at MoviepilotU

"My mentor, Samuel, I love you man. Thanks for everything. You put up with so much and you still took the time to find the positive stuff in what we wrote and encouraged us to do more. I loved your closing notes, and I sure as hell am going to miss them the most."

ComicsVerse - Moviepilot University: Why It's the Course You Need to Take!

"The people running Moviepilot University are experienced in the art of writing high-performing online content, meaning they know all the tricks to encourage people to read on. In the feedback they give you, they're more than happy to share those methods. Trust me: as Head Writer of ComicsVerse, I've learned a lot."

Jasmyn Spann - How MoviepilotU Changed My Life

Before the MPU program I had about 16,000 views. That was a decent amount because I did not really write that often. After the program I now have over 88,000 views and that number is still growing.

If you'd like to sign up for the next MPU course fill out the application form below!


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