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Phwoar! Suicide Squad's Scott Eastwood kindly allowed us to do some window shopping of our own when he hit the stores of Oceanside, California sans Tee last week.

Making temperatures rise, it's clear the 29-year-old star has been pumping some serious iron in preparation for his role in the upcoming David Ayer blockbuster which is set to hit our screens next summer.

For those of you who want a larger dose of some Scott Eastwood action, you can follow him on Instagram where he keeps his drooling fans satisfied with regular updates. He also has a (albeit quite cheesy) Ferris Bueller quote in his bio, so that gets him a thumbs up.

"Life moves pretty fast, you don't slow down once and a while, you might just miss it."

Here he is being all manly, catching f*cking massive fish...

Not afraid to be a bit weird, which he shows by kissing inflatable swans...

And he has friends in unexpected places. Here he is chillin' with Taylor Swift...

(Source: US Weekly)


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