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Hey guys, don't you find it great that we live in an age where it's perfectly cool to go to the cinema and watch superheroes being super? Or settle down in front of your TV and watch the super-stories play out in a slow and calm fashion? Comic books are finally cool, and this is great news for an old nerd like myself!

But with the in-flux of various Batman tales, Superman adventures, Spider-Man fights and the likes, there are a literal multitude of heroes that are as, or even greater, than the aforementioned heroes that are so present in public consciousness.

So what of the likes of Martian Manhunter, or Franklin Richards? Will we ever get to see their stories play out on the small or big screens? That'd be great right? Well come with me as I speculate over which heroes I'd love to see have their moment in the sun, and see what you think:



Played by Liam Hemsworth

I'm thinking something more along the lines of a series for Sentry, one of the most outrageously overpowered and badass characters Marvel has created. Imagine picking up at the beginning of Sentry's reign, when he was a bullied kid in high school. Then, thanks to a random doctor's serum, becomes the time-bending, energy emitting hero he is.

A typical slow burner, we would be introduced to his family, his school life, the doctor's shady dealings, and the would watch as he deals with becoming the most powerful being the MCU has ever seen. Sounds good to me, and I haven't even touched on The Void and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s obligatory appearance.

Midway through the series, as Sentry is getting to grips with his almost limitless power, he accidentally creates his antithesis - the Void, a being of pure darkness that manipulates its enemies' greatest fears. Think of the Void as a being similar to Resident Evil's Nemesis, or the demon from It Follows: they can be beaten, but they will come back and they won't ever stop chasing you.

Main Sell: How would you deal with being gifted limitless power?

Franklin Richards

Played by Dane DeHaan

I think it's safe to say the Fantastic Four haven't had the best of times in public arena as of late, with being disbanded in the comics and having three paltry movies released. But I think it's clear to see that we've been concentrating on the wrong character.

Franklin Richards, the son of Reed and Sue Richards, is, again, one of Marvel's most powerful and obscure characters. At first I wasn't going to include him, due to Sentry's inclusion, but Richards could work as a fantastic lead into Marvel's multiverse.

Franklin's psionic powers are pretty much limitless! They're so powerful, he put barriers in his own mind to prevent him from going beyond his current potential. If we were to bend the lore a bit, I'd have us meet an older Franklin who is out traversing the multiverses, meeting new beings and gaining an idea of his incredible abilities, and how to control them.

Main Sell: Being introduced to the first televisual incarnations of Marvel's more obscure characters, beings and alternate universe heroes and villains.


Nextwave, created by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen, could be Marvel's next foray into Guardians territory. The hilarious series of comics follow a rag-tag bunch of minor Marvel heroes as they swear and fight their way through Unusual Weapons of Mass Destruction (UWMDs), beings and people of incredible evil ability.

If DC are looking to create their very own superhero sitcom, I don't see why Marvel couldn't get away with trying their own. Especially a red band version. It would be great to have a season of self-contained 20 minute episodes, where Nextwave are travelling around the country, taking down bad guys and attempting to outrun Dirk Anger and H.A.T.E.! Maybe an animated series would do well too...

Main Sell: Red band, comedic adventures of a bunch of minor superheroes that even the major players dislike.


DC Comics

Martian Manhunter

Played by Lance Reddick

For a hero that's basically on par with Superman in terms of ability, J'onn J'onzz has been vastly underused. With the Justice League movie priming itself for filming, it would've been nice to have gotten a movie about the big green badass, regardless if it may have been similar to Thor in tone, with its fish out of water trope.

It would have dealt with the destruction of his race and home on Mars, his infiltrating Earth and masquerading as one of us, and what he's come to learn about humanity and why it's worth saving. Maybe he's even as old as Diana Prince, and they are very aware of each other's existences?

Main Sell: Get introduced to the DCEU's version of one of the Justice League's coolest characters.


Played by Alexandra Daddario

Why? - DC will be touching on the mystical/magical side with Enchantress in Suicide Squad, so it'd be a no brainer to include their most powerful magician

With DC being open to slipping a bit of the mystical into their expanded universe with the inclusion of Enchantress in Suicide Squad, I wonder if that leaves space for Zatanna, one of DC's most powerful magicians?

The sorceress has the ability to stop time, teleport, create inanimate objects, and alter reality, amongst other things. She's an infinitely interesting character, and definitely deserves to be granted some screen time.

Main Sell: She could arguably be the most powerful character in the Justice League! That's me sold.

The Question

Played by David Boreanaz

Why? - just missed out on batman, the buffy alum definitely has the chops to pull off a noirish, faceless private eye with aplomb. plus the character is incredible, think batman without the cape, and the awesome conspiracy stories that could be told each week

When contemplating how The Question should be portrayed, I reckon as a nice, slow burning series, where he comes into contact with and aids some of DC's finest in missions and the like.

A journalist by day, and a faceless, ass kicking vigilante by night, comparisons with Batman have been made on numerous occasions, and rightfully so seeing as they're both geniuses and have a distinct "no kill" rule.

Combined with intrigue around shady organisations, and with a firm noirish voiceover, I think this show would be a welcome callback to the greatest detective stories of old, and a great way of introducing another DC hero to his, soon to be, adoring masses.

Of course these are just my opinions on heroes I'd would absolutely adore to see on cinema or TV! Feel free to share yours too, and how you'd like their stories to be played out.

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