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Despite the millions of dollars, the lasting beauty, and that shimmering Oscar statue, Reese Witherspoon seems like one of the most down-to-earth celebrities out there. Nowhere is this more clear than her Instagram where Reese posts everything from reunions with former co-stars to birthday wishes to famous friends.

Her latest contribution, though, puts the focus firmly on her family and one musical fruit. Check out Reese joining the dubsmash game with her adorable son Tennessee James sining along to the Raffi classic "Bananaphone."

Prepare for cuteness overload

As someone who absolutely abhors bananas (way too mushy to be sustenance), even I must admit that this made me love that abominable fruit even for just a few seconds. Well done, Reese and Tennessee!

If you don't think this is the cutest dubsmash yet, then I have just one thing to say to you...

So there.

Plus, this is just further proof that Tennessee, Ava, and Deacon have one of the coolest moms around, and if I weren't 24 years old, I'd be starting a Kickstarter for an adoption (just kidding, Mom and Dad).

(Source: Instagram)


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