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It looks like things are getting serious for Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, the Sports Illustrated model he's been dating for the better part of this year.

During a sun-soaked beach day in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Bradley brought Irina along to meet the most important woman in his life: his mother! In between ocean make-out sessions, Irina had the chance to get to know the Cooper matriarch, Gloria Campano.

It's a big step for the gorgeous couple

via Daily Mail
via Daily Mail

After dating for five months and taking numerous trips around the world, Bradley decided it was time for his newest love to meet his oldest one.

The frequent Oscar nominee is famously close to his mom, and she's joined him as a date to many an awards show. In fact, you may even be more familiar with Gloria than Irina at this point!

Getty Images
Getty Images

Could this mean bigger things are in store?

via Daily Mail
via Daily Mail

It's way too early to start speculating, but it's just nice to see a big-time celebrity couple appearing totally normal at the beach (you know, aside from those perfect bodies).

I wonder if Gloria is starting to consider getting a new housemate. Don't forget that as of 2013, Bradley and his mom live together, so this relationship may just have the makings of a sitcom or reality show if things with Irina continue to take off! I, for one, would definitely watch that.

(Source: Daily Mail, Us Weekly)


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