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Stephen Adamson

If you're a kid, it's likely that you're a fan of the Transformers Franchise. It's about aliens that take shape as vehicles that can transform into badass robots. What kid isn't extremely hyped off that? I know I was especially into Optimus Prime as a kid, and with the movies, my love for this franchise was resurrected into my adulthood.

This little boy's parents are quite certainly in contention for Coolest Parents Ever™ with their tag-team job of creating an Optimus Prime cake for their little boy to enjoy on his birthday.

Check this video out showing the amazingness. A 3D printer and lots of prep were involved...

He thought he was just going to get a regular already-awesome cake

But little did he know, it would transform

He was rocking a Transformers shirt, so you know that this was pretty much right up his alley. Great parenting.



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