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James Wood

Evil Dead is like the holy grail of horror as it showers the audience in blood and drenches them in fear. No time is wasted getting to the gross-out moments and I tell you all now, this is one spectacularly violent remake.

It's arguable that some of the characters aren't fully fleshed out as I had hoped, Natalie and Olivia don't have interesting backgrounds or traits compared to Mia, Eric and David. However, the cast's actual performances are absolutely marvellous, and they are brilliant body bags for the evil that is unleashed. Once the force awakens, that is when the characters get a little more interesting.

Jane Levy completely steals the show as Mia, a druggy struggling trying to get through her clean period. When her brother David and friends Natalie, Olivia and Eric visit, things look up as they intend to help. However, Eric finds an ancient book, his intrigue leads him to opening the book up and unleashing the dead. Jane Levy's delivery of lines is excellent, especially when she is sat in the bunk bed whispering about what she encountered in the forest, "there was something in the woods, and I think, it's in here with". From then on Evil Dead takes gore to whole new levels, setting the benchmark for bloody horror.

The best scene to show off what the practical FX team have achieved is when a dead Mia licks a Stanley knife, splitting her tongue in half, and when Olivia cuts her face off with shards of glass. Natalie gets a nasty way out, who resorts to cutting her arm off. I would name every moment of gut wrenching blood splattered madness but there are too many to name, and some just leave you in awe, this film is amazing from top to bottom. However, I must highlight that the finale is without a doubt the most epic and teeth-gritting ending of a horror film in a long time.

The story is twisted and terrifying just like the dreaded book itself, the camerawork is beautiful and the acting is some of the best I've ever seen in a horror movie. I highly recommend this remake, just make sure you never look away from the screen, and ensure you have a strong stomach at least.


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