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Hello all,

SO.......I've been brooding over the cool new(ish) show; Arrow, since the last episode of Season Two came out in December. On the show, (Green) Arrow aka Oliver is supposedly 'destined' to be with the lead female star; Laurel Lance. But everyone's noticed his chemistry with the smart and funny blonde I.T. girl; Felicity Smoak, and are talking. I will be the first to admit that I wasn't an immediate fan of the show. I'd seen Smallville's version of the Green Arrow and wasn't eager to watch a new version yet.

However, I discovered that the CW show Arrow is quite different than I expected. It is mostly serious with a dash of laughs, a pinch of sadness, and sometimes a lot of love(particularly family love, which is rare these days). I dabbled in a few episodes, going through sort of a 'will-I-won't-I' phase since other shows were on. I watched a little more. And I saw Oliver interact with his ex-girlfriend Laurel---yawn--- and one day... Bam!

Who is that?! I saw Felicity and him working together and was hooked ever since. Gotta love that Diggle-Felicity-Oliver magic Trident Team.

Some folks are pushing for Olicity drama right away. I was at first, but then I realized. The producers might just force a new relationship with the 2 so the fans are appeased and eventually boot Felicity in favor of Laurel. I hope that they don't do that. Not that I want a slow burn, but it would help draw the two characters together in a tight, unbreakable bond that consummates with---hopefully--- an ******Olicity marriage******....sigh.... at the show's end\climax.

Anyhoo, those are my thoughts on the series. As to the reason for this Fan Fic mini-novel, I am enthralled with the show and very eager to see the next Epi's! I've been pacing the floors, climbing the walls, biting my nails, reading online theories, researching characters.... Did I mention I really want to see the next episode!!!???

To take my mind off the fact that I still have almost 2 weeks(AHHH!!!!!) to go 'til *Blast Radius*, I decided to do some fan fic writing. Well, and, I wanted to try my hand at working with these many interesting characters. So, here goes!!!! Enjoy and feel free to post your comments.

******** 02/25/2014 UPDATE: Hey guys. Hope you enjoy this book. I have started a sequel so please feel free to check out Olicity: Something Better after reading this fan fiction.

******** 04/18/2014 UPDATE: Thank you to my good friend Grace aka HumbleHedgehog98 for the covers she made for this book. (:-D She does a really great job with that as well as writing.

******** 12/24/14 UPDATE: ^^^^^^Check out the video teaser/synopsis above; Arrow: Olicity: The Heart of The Matter OR on YouTube, but be warned, there ARE SPOILERS!!!:


I want to make it known that I do NOT own the CW or its show; Arrow NOR do I pretend in any way to lay claim on any of the said show's characters. I might throw in some new characters of my own, but clearly....this is nothing but FICTION. Thank you!


Chapter 1:

"I am going to tear everything he cares about away from him, destroy those who choose to follow him, corrupt those he loves. Once he has lost everyone and everything he values, I will drive an arrow through his eye." ~ Slade

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Felicity! Fe---li---city!?"

A wiry teenaged girl galloped around the corner of a building. An obviously heavy backpack swung from her back. She lunged through the hot summer air toward the baseball field where her team was waiting.

"I'm coming!"

Halfway there she tripped over her own feet, glasses sliding into an odd angle above her braces. Coach Matthews looked away, biting his lip to hold back laughter. The other teenage girls were, for the most part, well-coordinated. They stretched and warmed up, flinging balls, cracking bats, and popping bubble gum like pros. Some of the girls took notice of the Coach's expression and began to point and giggle. If Felicity noticed, she didn't let it show.

"Here I am, Coach." She skid up to him. Her baseball shoes looked a size too big. "Miss Smoak reporting for duty." She saluted briefly. "Where do you want me? My Mom was a pitcher in the 10th Grade, so maybe I could be one too. 'Course my Dad says that batters have all the fun... Oh! Sorry I'm late by the way."

Felicity looked down ashamedly. "I couldn't find my shoes and-and, well, a friend lent me her pair, only...."

Coach Matthews grinned.

"I know, they're a little large." She said and scrunched up her nose at him. "Just a tad?" The blonde held up two fingers a small distance apart.

The 40-something Coach shook his head. Felicity was---well---Felicity. "You're something else." He chuckled, taking the backpack from her. The teenager squinted up at him through her glasses. "Does that mean you'll let me join the team?" She asked. "It means you can try out." "Oh."

As they walked to the dug-out some giggling could be heard over the ~whoosh~ and ~crack~ of ball and bat. Coach Matthews sent a glare towards a none-too-innocent clot of huddled young females before ducking under the ancient makeshift building.

"Felicity," He said and turned, looking serious. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

She smiled brightly. Two thumbs, the nails neon pink, shot up. "I'm ready."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"I'm ready." Diggle said as he zipped the front of the Arrow suit.

The muscular African American slid off the metal surgical table in the Arrow cave. Oliver nodded, clapping him on the shoulder. "Thanks, Dig." The ex-soldier pooched his lower lip, head shaking slightly. "No problem. Recon. I got this."

Together they moved towards the expensive equipment where their side-kick and IT guru sat. Felicity Smoak spun in her chair to take in the sight of Diggle in his foreboding outfit and Oliver in his even more foreboding dark suit and tie. They made her, in a casual pink dress and matching cardigan, feel more than 'plain-jane', to say the least.

"Updates are running and should be done within the hour." She announced.

Oliver smiled down at her the way only he could. "Don't stay up too late."

Her cheeks flamed momentarily. She swallowed and looked to Diggle. "Are you certain you wouldn't prefer I---" He waved a hand. "Go home. Get some rest."

The sidekick\bodyguard hurried between them and bounded up the stairs. They watched him go. Then looked at each other. Their eyes met. "Go." Oliver said, blue eyes bright. "You deserve it."

For a second, the way he said 'deserve it' she thought he might lean close and....

Felicity shook herself mentally. "I'm just being silly." She stood and grabbed her bag as Oliver past the computers. "I must be more tired than I thought."

"Don't stay up too late!" She called after her handsome boss's retreating back. Felicity bit her lip. It was out before she could stop herself. Thankfully Oliver didn't seem mad. He slowed, grinning over his shoulder. "I'll tell Moira that when she keeps me up for arriving late. This is the first business meeting in weeks that I've---"

"Ow!!!" Felicity yelped, dropping her bag. Its contents clattered across the cold cement as she sunk to her knees. A hand went to her chest.

Oliver vaulted down the steps and lunged across the floor. Felicity heard, rather than saw him coming. In an instant he was beside her hunched form. His face was dark with concern. Both hands cupped her cheeks. They were as warm as they were strong.

"What's wrong?" Oliver asked, concern lacing his words.

Felicity's round scared eyes avoided his sharp searching ones. She glanced around at the walls. The computer table. The chair. Looking for an inanimate object to blame. Gently, he applied enough pressure until she would look at him.

"Felicity?" So much meaning was wrapped up in the way he said it. Her name.

Felicity forced her tongue to work. "I-I'm fine. I -uh-um, uh twisted my ankle....I think. Well, actually its not twisted--twisted. I just stepped wrong. You know, like in the movies when the bad guy is chasing the beautiful maiden and she falls. Lamed for life. Well, not until Prince Charming comes along. Then she's fine. Wa-la!"

Oliver frowned as she pulled away from him. He watched her scrape up her scattered belongings with trembling fingers and throw them haphazardly into the bag.

"Something isn't right." It was more than a thought. It was a gut feeling.

"Ah-ah-not! that I'm inferring you're Prince Charming, Oliver. Not that you're...not...physically equipped to be, uh, him...." She babbled. "Let's face it, Oliver, you do have a few...uhm...other quirks that might preclude you from playing that role-"

He reached for one of her hands, enclosing it in his. It was surprisingly cold. "Are you okay?" Oliver asked softly. Felicity looked at him and her soul melted. She couldn't look into those worried blue eyes and lie.

"Get it together, woman! He can not know."

"You better go."

As much as she wanted to leave her hand in his for the rest of eternity, Felicity yanked it free.

"But---" "Please don't make me be the one to make you late." She said, eyes low for fear he'd see the pain in them. Mental and physical. "I'd rather you suffer Moira's wrath than me...No offense. She is your Mom, but given her track record---."

Her rejection of his sympathy hurt more than it should have. His head told him to leave. His heart said otherwise. It glued this legs to the floor. Instead of feeling helpless, staring at her, Oliver put his hands to work. He helped gather her lipstick, Queen Consolidated ID, nail file... He spotted a thin white square of paper hiding under the nearby computer table. Bending low, Oliver grabbed it and flipped it over. Felicity's breath caught. She wordlessly snatched the paper from him, but not before Oliver had seen the man in the photo.

The purse was slung over her shoulder and Felicity made a desperate attempt for the stairs. "I need to get out of here." She cringed at the sound of hurried footsteps after her.

"Hey." Oliver touched her arm. "Want me to walk you to your car?" He asked. She could feel the heat of his breath on the back of her neck. "I could drive you home if you're not feeling well."

The pain grew thicker. Her breath came in gasps. It was too much. "No!" Felicity blurted sharply. "If I wanted your help I would ask for it."

Oliver's face registered his surprise...and hurt. "I know something is wrong. Why won't you let me in?" Felicity closed her eyes. Her teeth dug deeper. She tasted blood. "Oh Oliver, why'd you have to pick now to be chivalrous?"

"Just leave me alone, Oliver. I'm fine. I said I was fine like a hundred times. You want me to trust you? Trust me." Felicity forced herself to give him a determined stare. "I'm okay. It's been a long day. I want to go home. Drop it."

Oliver bit down on his back teeth. He didn't know what to think. Her words hurt. Not what she'd said, but also how. This wasn't like Felicity. She glared at him through her black-rimmed glasses. Face cool. Eyes dark. Lips pressed together firmly. "Is this who you are under all that IT babble?" He muttered. Pushing aside his protective gut feeling, Oliver ran upstairs and didn't look back.

Oliver was momentarily distracted brushing off his backside. Felicity was surprised that he cared, if he was just going to see Moira, but she didn't waste the opportunity. The picture of the not unattractive young man with wavy brown hair disappeared into the deepest darkest spot in her bag. A wave of pain hit her chest. Felicity bit her tongue. Hard. "He can't find out."


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