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Since the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series captured the imagination of kids and adults alike way back in 1993 there's been more spin-off shows than you can shake a stick at, featuring aliens, dinosaurs, orgs, ninjas, computer viruses and space police.

In total there's been 19 different series consisting collectively of 22 seasons, and two theatrical films. However it's the original series, as adapted from the Japanese show Super Sentai, that captured the hearts of children of the 90s and cemented it as an enduring cult show even now.

It's been 20 years since the popular Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. Feel old yet? News on the upcoming Power Rangers reboot feature (scheduled for a January 2017 release) has been coming in mainly drips and drabs, hindered by rumour and speculation.

Here's what we know so far...

The Actors Will Be Mainly Unknowns

We don't yet know who will play the titular characters, listed below:

  • Jason Lee Scott - Red Ranger
  • Zack Taylor - Black Ranger
  • Trini Kwan - Yellow Ranger
  • Billy Cranston - Blue Ranger
  • Kimberly Ann Hart - Pink Ranger
  • Thomas (Tommy) Oliver - Green Ranger (later White Ranger)

Despite the fact that casting hasn't yet begun, it's been reported that the actors chosen to portray the Power Ranger team will be relative unknowns in the industry. This would keep in line with the tendency to introduce new talent as the Rangers in each new series.

Power Rangers Dino Charge cast
Power Rangers Dino Charge cast

However, if they do go down this route it means they'll really have to piggyback off of the cult status of the show if they want to draw both old and new fans to theatres in 2017. The original fanbase, those who watched the show as children, will be in their 20-30s by now, and they'll have to edge along that tightrope line to keep them happy whilst still making sure the film is suitable for current fans, who will still be children and teens.

Additionally Robert Orci, who was originally attached as Producer but left to work on Star Trek Beyond, said that some of the original cast were open for a cameo, so there's that too.

The Comic Book Touch?

It makes perfect sense to reboot Power Rangers now. Whilst the entertainment world is in the grip of Marvel mania, the traditional hero character has been redefined for modernity as the superhero. Lionsgate, who are producing, are certainly aware of this as they brought Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz onboard to write the screenplay back in 2014. Miller & Stentz wrote the screenplays for both Thor and X-Men: First Class, so they know what they're doing when it comes to writing modern heroes.

Dean Israelite is also attached as director, likely on the strength of his last feature Project Almanac, a moderately received film about a group of teenagers who discover a time travel machine.

The Timeline Continuity & Plot

Orci said that Power Rangers will fall in line with the continuity of the original series, and that's really about all we know at the moment in terms of plot. Israelite described the script as "mature but playful", and he's trying to make it fun whilst keeping it grounded in modern reality, featuring relatable characters with relatable struggles.

Following the narrative of the original, we'll have our Power Rangers: a group of high-school age kids whom have superpowers bestowed upon them when great evil is unleashed. Their mission? Just to save the world.

Will Zordon make an appearance? Let's hope so.

HeroicHollywood have also published a report claiming that main series antagonist, Rita Repulsa, will be appearing as the primary villain in the reboot. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, but it would make a lot of sense seeing as how she's one of the most iconic villains of the series.


How do you feel about the Power Rangers reboot? Have a theory about the upcoming movie? Tell us in the comments!


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