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We've still got a long time to wait until Star Trek Beyond is released to cinemas, but now that filming has started we're getting plenty of updates to keep us excited! Recently new aliens have been revealed, as well as new casting in the form of Idris Elba and Lydia Wilson.

Star Trek 3 is looking to be one of the most exciting yet: the Enterprise is now on its five year mission, which promises bold new adventures as well as a return to the feeling of the original TV series. And of course there's the 50th Anniversary to think of! Simon Pegg has promised that they've got some surprises in store for the anniversary...

"It's going to be spectacular, but we're going to underpin that with some genuine 50th Anniversary ideas about what's happening in our world and the Star Trek world and try to make it a bit thoughtful too."

So how will Star Trek 3 emulate The Original Series? Well, we've had one interesting tidbit from Zachary Quinto that implies we'll finally get to see some of that glorious TOS banter on the big screen...

Spock & Bones: Unlikely Friends

Since 2009's Star Trek, Spock and Dr Mccoy have not exactly been close friends. Often at odds with each other, the two rarely get the chance to work together, and the focus is often more on Kirk's friendship with them individually. In The Original Series, however, there was a definite trio dynamic between Kirk, Spock, and Bones. They were considered the main characters of the series, rather than the ensemble casts of later shows. Gene Roddenberry intended for them to work in harmony together, as he later revealed in interviews...

"I took a perfect person and divided him into three parts, I could have the administrative, courageous part that would be the Captain; the logical part who is the Science Officer and the humanistic part with the Doctor."

Their differing characteristics and motivations sparked much debate, but Roddenberry intended that if they worked together, the best outcome of any scenario could be reached. This idea was representative of the idealism that Roddenberry poured into Star Trek, as the show was ultimately an optimistic vision of humanity's future.

The original triumvirate
The original triumvirate

Spock and Kirk's relationship has been very well represented in the new films: initially contentious, the two become close friends, prepared to sacrifice their lives for each other and the good of the crew. So far, however, Bones and Spock haven't had the chance to work together... until now! Zachary Quinto gave the good news that we'd be seeing Spock and Mccoy team up in Star Trek 3.

"Those characters are so diametrically opposed that it’ll be nice to see them interacting."

I don't know about you, but this idea has me very excited! One of the best parts of TOS was the witty banter that flew between Spock and Bones, as they both pretended to have nothing but contempt for the other. Their interactions were the source of much of TOS' humour. At the end of the day though, the two officers had the utmost respect for one another, and there were some fantastic moments when that admiration shone through.

Beyond The Original...

It will be nice to see this development in Star Trek 3: Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban understand their characters very well, and the glimpses we've had of Spock and Bones' relationship have been pretty gosh darn perfect...

So what has Star Trek 3 got in store for Spock and Bones? Right now we can only speculate, but the odds are we'll see them working together more. Maybe they'll be stranded on a distant planet, relying on each other to survive as in The Original Series episode All Our Yesterdays. Or perhaps Kirk will be the one to be stranded, leaving Spock and Bones to save him. Personally, I'm hoping for a homage to the TOS episode Spock's Brain, where Bones has to find a solution to Spock's brain mysteriously disappearing, and spends most of the episode walking Spock's body around with a remote control...

But that would probably be too silly for Star Trek 3. In any case, the prospect of these two characters working together is very exciting! If you just can't wait for Star Trek: Beyond to see some Spock and Bones banter, check out the video. And don't forget to tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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