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Now the DCCU is awesome, and people around the world are waiting (patiently) for the next installment of this growing franchise: Batman vs Superman. That's the future of DC, but now, let's look at the past. When I was growing up, I was addicted to the Justice League Animated Series since it combined my seven favorite heroes whom I idolized. I can't help but make connections between the two, so here goes! Here are six connections between Justice League: The Animated Series and the newly forming DCCU.

#1 Destruction and Accountability

One of the biggest factors of Man of Steel was the destruction that Superman caused. Well the Justice League Animated Series is built on the principle of accountability. The picture above shows what Darkseid can do after he wrecked Metropolis just like Zod wrecked the city in Man of Steel.

#2 Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller is present in the Justice League Animated Series. She is responsible for Doomsday, and multiple other thorns in the Justice League's side. In fact Batman threatens her in an episode just like he probably will in the Suicide Squad cue this picture...

#3 Aquaman is a Total [email protected]$$

Nobody, and I mean nobody, will ever watch Aquaman on this TV show and say that he is a joke. The King of Atlantis is cunning, cold, and calculating. He could take on the whole Justice League, and nobody would bet against him.

Now the Aquaman in the new DCCU is awesome, in fact you can check out my article on what exactly Jason Momoa had to say about his character here.

This picture should pretty much prove my point:

#4 A Younger Flash

Now, in the current DCCU, Batman is the veteran who is in his forties. Superman and Wonder Woman are in their thirties, and much of the league will probably be around this age as well. Now Flash in the DCCU he is probably going to be the youngest member of the team. After all, Ezra Miller is only twenty-two!

In the Justice League animated series he is the youngest member of the team, and he is also the jokester, which is probably his role in the dark and gritty DCCU as well.

#5 Batman and Superman

In the series pilot, these are the first superheroes to be introduced to the audience. They have already met, and seem to have a working relationship. They are later introduced to the rest of the Justice League. Ring any bells? Here, let me give you a hint.

Batman vs Superman will allow DC's top guys to already establish a working relationship, and then they will be introduced to the rest of the Justice League.

#6 The All-Powerful Superman

Again, this ties in with one of the major DC themes: Superman having too much power. It is a running theme in the Justice League animated series. I'm sure if it came to it, and if Superman does turn evil, Batman will stand up against him like he's going to in 2016.


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