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Last week it was movies, this week we're talking TV for the next 5 Days! In this challenge, the Creators have been tasked with spilling some of our dirty little TV secrets. Today, the topic is "A Show I Binged Watched In One Sitting."

I binge on TV shows a lot. I think I managed to watch six seasons of Sons of Anarchy in two weeks time, and when work is slow, cut that in half. But, to sit down in ONE DAY and complete all the episodes, that takes serious commitment. Good thing I am stubborn and strong, and boy did I give my streaming account one heck of a workout.

A Show I Binged in One Sitting: Secrets and Lies

I just want to throw this out there. While I watch a lot of different shows, any type of procedure law, cop or medical shows are NOT on my viewing schedule. So, when I initially saw commercials for ABC's new series, Secrets and Lies, I immediately passed.

I had no room for a show like this - someone gets murdered and they spend the series figuring out the who, what, why, when and where of the case. I assumed it would tank pretty early. But I was very wrong. It was when I kept seeing it mentioned in articles on my Facebook TL from various entertainment blogs, I thought maybe it was worth at least looking into. No new show is going to be getting this much attention unless it was worth at least a try.

So I did. I had a perfect storm of a quiet house, severe lack of motivation and rain pounding on my roof, and decided to jump in on this new show.

Why It Was Bingeable

Ryan Phillippe as Ben Crawford
Ryan Phillippe as Ben Crawford

Only 10 episodes in the season, with the promise that everything would be revealed within them. Formatted like American Horror Story, each season is to be a stand alone from the others, so that means no real commitment to the series.

The case itself was a devastating one. No one ever wants to think about the death of a child, and it seems like shows generally steer clear of those types of cases. However writers managed to find a way to tell this story, without being too gruesome, and yet be completely chilling and compelling.

Every episode focused on one part of the mystery at a time, leading you on a wild goosechase. Always thinking you have an idea of who dunnit, until the end of the episode where there was a big reveal and subsequent cliffhanger. The end was satisfying, yet chilling; leaving me wanting to know more!

Season Two airs next spring on ABC, and while I will definitely plan to watch it, I think it will be in bingeable fashion.

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