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"Batman is probably not regarded as greatest superhero ever. He also not the strongest superhero. He actually doesn't have any super power but still he is most popular superhero ever. The reasons are below-


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Batman is one of the first superhero to be created. First appearance of batman was in 1939. H e is been popular since last 75 years. he has variety of fans from all age-children, young and even old

2. He have one of the best villains any superhero can have:-

A great superhero is not great if he doesn't have great villains.Batman have one of the most popular supervillains- Bane, penguine, mr. freeze, riddler, not to mention he has greatest villain of all time - The joker

3. He has very interesting personal life:-

Unlike other superhero who have boring and shabby personal life, Bruce wayne has very interesting personal life- MONEY,LUXURIOUS CARS,GRAND PARTIES,SKYSCRAPERS AND GIRLFRIENDS. Only superhero who can match Batman's lifestyle is Iron Man.

4. He has coolest gadgets and costumes:-

Batman always got something up his sleeve. He has all kind of whacky gadgets, which helps him in any bad situation. His batmobile is the best we have seen.

5. He has dramatic storyline:-

Besides villains, superpower or gadgets what makes a superhero great is his storyline. Batman has catchiest and dramatic storyline. His parent died in front of his eyes, his girlfriend dumped him etc . It is adapted in several movies, tv series and video games.


He is the only superhero who can defeat superman. This is because HE IS BATMAN.

So here are main reasons why batman is most popular superhero. Tell me what you guys think about it and comment


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