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The fourth Bond movie, Spectre, is set to premier this November, setting Daniel Craig as the iconic James Bond against Christopher Waltz's Franz Oberhauser, however it may be the last time we see the blonde Bond in action. Craig states that he has "a life and I've [Craig] got to get on with it a bit" in a recent interview with Esquire. When asked directly whether or not he would do another bond film, he answered directly without hesitation, "At this moment, no."

So. The question that has been on everybody's mind is who will take the mantle after he has parted the franchise? It is no secret that Craig will be finishing up the role and there would be a new bond within the coming years but there hasn't been a candidate who has stepped forward and said that they have the role.

However despite the lack of solid information, there is a large amount of speculation circulating. Idris Elba (Star Trek, Thor, Luther) has been tapped to play the next James Bond. This British actor would be the first black James Bond but the latest Bond novelist claiming that he is "too street" to play the iconic super-spy.

Despite this speculation, there is a new contender for the title of James Bond. Hugh Jackman. The man from down-under has recently revealed that he was offered the role of Bond before Craig became the legend. However as we know now, he turned the role down:

At the time, I was just about to do X-Men 2, and I was like, ‘Ah, I don’t think it’s the right time.’

Due to his final Wolverine film set to be released in 2017, it allows him to continue with other projects, and even franchises. And with a more free schedule it allows him to "seriously consider it", if he was offered the role again.


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