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James Bond has been a staple in movie history since the early 1960s. We've seen 23 different films starring 6 different actors over those years, and as the anticipation is growing for the next installment of James Bond in the form of Spectre, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the history of James Bond and test your knowledge.

As I mentioned, James Bond has been portrayed by six different actors in the last 53 years.


1. Which actor portrayed James Bond only one time?

James Bond was originally written in the form of novels and short stories starting in 1952 with the novel Casino Royale. The original creator wrote 14 books and several short stories published between 1952 and 1966.


2. Who was the original creator of James Bond?

Within the British Secret Service, of whom Bond works for, everything has code names and code numbers, Bond being 007. The research and development branch's director "Q" had his real name revealed in three films.


3. Which Film DID NOT reveal Q's real name?



3b. What is Q's real name?

Other than Bond himself, one of the constants of the series are the "Bond Girls." Bond Girls tend to be young and curvaceous, yet sometimes Bond has been younger than his leading lady.


4. How many Bond Girls have been older that the James Bond they starred with?

There have been countless Bond Girls over the years, and more often than not they appear in a film to never be seen again, except for a few leading ladies. One lady appeared as a Bond girl in The Man with the Golden Gun then followed that performance up nearly 10 years later in Octopussy and a cameo in A View to a Kill.


5. Who was the actress who played 2 different lead female roles in the Bond movies?

Similarly to the above actress, there have been a few ladies to portray multiple characters in James Bond films, although these actresses only portrayed Bond Girls.


6. How many actresses have played multiple Bond Girls in separate movies?

Aside from the Bond Girls, the villains that James Bond meets through his adventures are often the next most memorable part of the film itself.


7. In A View to a Kill, what pop musician was originally lined up to play the villain, Max Zorin instead of Christopher Walken?



All in all, there have been 1299 deaths in the official Bond films. How many has Bond been responsible for?


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