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Last week's Force Friday event drew crowds from all over the world, with families and fans scrambling to grab the first ever toys of the upcoming trilogy's new heroes and villains. With it came an update to's database, where information on characters, ships, and planets within the canon are stored -- and while most of the information was meant to give us a closer look at the main characters, one particular databank entry stood out to myself and a few other fans.


One new character, named Ello Asty, is described as "a skilled if occasionally reckless X-Wing starfighter pilot for the Resistance," but what really stands out about this character is their name. It seems as though Abrams is hiding little nuggets of treasure for his longtime fans, because saying the word out loud sounds pretty similar to spelling out the following letters: L-O-S-T.

A fun little reference to the project that arguably put Abrams on the main stage map, this seems to be the earliest of hopefully several fun, geeky Easter eggs hidden throughout the new movie. Expect a rundown of each one after [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) hits theaters on December 18th.


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