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Harley Quinn is taking on a very different look this time around when it comes to Suicide Squad, a lot different than many expected. While the public's response to her more 'street' styled look has been quite mixed, the character's co-creator had some pretty nice things to say about Quinn's new look as she transitions to the big screen.

In 1992, Paul Dini, along with Bruce Timm created Harley Quinn for Batman: The Animated Series and since then, Harley has gone on to be one of the most successful DC characters of all time. Does herco-creator feel as if Harley's new look is right for David Ayer's big screen adaptation, though?

Paul Dini loves Harley's new look

Harley Quinn's original look was a bit crazy, but it was awesome! The perfect accomplice to the Joker, Dr. Quinzel outfitted herself in a full-on Jester's costume. Paul Dini, who had a very important part in the creation and the design of the character, stated on the 'Shanlian on Batman' podcast that he is actually a fan of the direction that David Ayer is going with Harley in Suicide Squad.

I know it’s jarring to a lot of the people who love the classic Bruce Timm suit, I love it myself," he claimed, "But in that world [of the Suicide Squad movie], I just don’t see it happening. It’s a rougher, more street look. I think it works fine." Additionally, he called Robbie "a very wonderful actress" and revealed he was "very excited to see that interpretation of Harley."

It seems pretty apparent that Dini's a fan of Harley Quinn's look and the actress that will be portraying her. Not only is he a fan of the new Harley, but he also had some words pertaining to her significant other, the Joker. He described the Joker as a "decadent rockstar," and he also believes that Robbie and Leto will have great chemistry onscreen together.

there's a little bit of a 'Sid and Nancy' feel to the Joker and Harley look, which I always felt would not be a bad look if they were in a live-action movie."

There are many people who believe in the duo's ability to bring us a quality Joker-Harley Quinn combination, but there are also many skeptics. Who can blame them with such a beloved property, though? But, the fact that Paul Dini believes in Harley and not only approves of but enjoys her new look makes me very confident that Suicide Squad is going to be brilliantly batty.


Are you a fan of Harley Quinn's Suicide Squad look?

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