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I have seen or own nearly every horror film ever
Stephanie Anderson

I spent most of last night watching the so called horror of the year sinister 2, I thought it was very confusing at the start but once it got started I was under the covers not wanting to watch anymore but couldn't look away as I was that intregede.

In my opinion sinister 2 was so much more dark and sinister than the first which kind of made it not as good as the first as you were not wanting to watch this one with it being that dark and you don't get that with the first one.

The story line for sinister 2 was good it was nice having it from a different point of view but the story line was more about the family's background rather than the boogie man 'Mr boogie' which would have maybe made it better.

Sinister 2 had more death and blood than the first one , I don't know what people would think about that but I think it was still good just shouldn't be as dark , if sinister 2 was maybe not as dark more about the fear of Mr boogie and watchable without wanting to look away I'd rate it a great film but with it lacking these things I would rate t as good.


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