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Growing up, there were a few books I loved to read. Some of these I think would be awesome to see adapted into movies or TV shows. Here are a few of those....

My Teacher Is An Alien - This was an all time favorite in Middle School. Bruce Coville's four book series which was first published in 1989 with My Teacher Fried my Brains and My Teacher Glows in the Dark in 1991 and My Teacher Flunked the Planet in '92. It starts off about a group of kids who find out their teacher is an alien planning a world invasion. Then they proceed with the help of the alien teachers to try to save Earth in the following books. I think these would make awesome sci-fi fantasy movies, whether they'd mash them all into one film or make it a trilogy.

The Boxcar Children - This series of mysteries first started by Gertrude Chandler Warner was one I loved in the later years of Elementary. These books features the four Alden children and their trusty dog Watch. Ok, so I know there was an animated film released last year based on them, bit it would be really cool to see a live action movie or even a TV series where each week they'd have a new mystery to solve.

Choose Your Own Adventure - This whole series was to let the reader become the hero of the story and make their own decision and outcome. Now this might not be able to be made in to a movie but it would be great as an anthology series much in the same way as Goosebumps.

Bunnicula - Here's another great mood setter. This line of books by James Howe would be perfect for Halloween Specials. I can so picture this fanged rodent running loose on the streets of a sleepy town wreaking havoc.

Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys - Two great mystery books teamed up to bring suspense to kids. The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew were a TV series back in the 70's and there was a Nancy Drew movie a few years ago starring Emma Roberts, but we need one that's more gritty and more thrill a minute ride.

Mr. Men and Little Miss - Now I know this one seems silly but come on now... I LOVED these when I was in first grade. These tiny 4x4 10 page books are big in lessons and morals. I would so love if they could turn these into a children's program say on Sprout or whatever.

Danny and the Dinosaur - Through-out Elementary School we had these reading programs, some of you might remember them, BOOK IT! which was sponsored by Pizza Hut. We read so many and it would earn you a free pan pizza. This was one of my faves doing this. I think it would be neat to see this turned into a CGI/Live-Action movie much like they are going to be doing with Pete's Dragon.

Where's Wally/Waldo - Technically these are more of a puzzle book but wouldn't it be cool to see a live-action movie about this. Just imagine the nation-wide promotion they could do for it.

Which one of these would you like to see done? Do you have a favorite book you would love to see made into a movie or TV show? Comment them down below.


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