ByDalton Tevlin, writer at
One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

The Deadpool trailer was released not to long ago and we thought that it couldn't get much better! But luckily for fans, a 4k version of that very trailer has been released, so we can see Deadpool in his full glory!

The Merc in 4k Ultra HD!

Don't forget to change the resolution to 2160p when you start the video!

Did you see anything different?

The trailer is absolutely amazing! Fans immediately spotted some Easter eggs when the trailer was first released, but did you find any more with this new ultra HD quality? Let me know down below if you find anything or better yet, write about it!


Are you excited for the Deadpool film?

Don't forget to point out any Easter eggs or clues from the Trailer in the comments below!


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