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I would love to see: Bella get really involved with the Volturi. But secretly doing it, because she did something no vampire should do. The Volturi found out, threatened Edward and Renesmee (AnnaSophia Robb) livelihood. She pleaded to not hurt them, begging them not to do anything to them. The Volturi told she must work for them and part her ways with the Cullen's and her family. Secretly, she talks to Alice and Rosalie. Then she gets deeper and deeper in the Volturi having a new perspective and new-found respect. Edwards is so confused and heartbroken, on what's going on. After the break up, Rosalie tells him to look for a new mate "it was never met to be." Renesmee is off to college. Jacob and Renesmee have the most romantic summer before college starts. Jacob, follows her to the ends of earth, in this case college. He couldn't make the grades to her college. He goes to nearest Community college near by. But of course there are young gentleman (Zac Efron) idolizing and flirting at the college that Renesmee goes to, jealousy starts. Before they left for college. Charlie and Jacob had like a father son moment about Resesnee. Charlie telling him to "you better take good care of her." Meanwhile, Bella finds a new love interest a very ancient vampire who been around for many years is apart of the Volturi. Justina (Evan Rachel Wood) she's wild and mysterious caught her attention. Best friends with Angel (kat dennings) in Volturi. They're fierce and feisty together. Bella wants to be apart of that. On winter break, Renesmess brings Jacob and a friend home. Spikes Edwards curiosity of who his daughters been talking about all semester. Anna (Blake Lively) newest friend of Renesmess. Has a secret, she's really a vampire herself. Anna suspected Renesmess was different was sure how different until one night after hanging out late. Renesmess doesn't know Anna is who she really is until she went on winter break with her to her families place. Edward could immediately could tell and confronted her on the porch at Charlie's place, when Renesmess wasn't around. Then started talking and getting to know only each other. Edward couldn't stop being curious of her. The break was almost over and they all had to go back to college. Edward asked her for a date the last night she there. He takes her out to this Remote part of the beach with candles and pillows under the stars. They kissed, he hadn't felt that passionate since Bella left him. Edward tells Anna "You are the most genuine and real woman I met. I would love for us to be and an us forever." She smiles.


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