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5. Spider-Island

Spider-Island was an event in Marvel comics in which Spider-Man was at the centre. Peter Parker was the main focus of the story however it involved just about every other hero in the Marvel Universe. This was one of those times when one hero, even one team-up, wasn’t enough. Pretty much every solo hero and every superhero team rolled up their sleeves to take care of the situation. The problem they had to deal with was everybody in Manhatten gaining powers like Spider-Man’s. That’s right, everybody got Peter Parker’s abilities including the bad guys, that’s a bit of a problem. The creation of so many more spider-powered individuals is actually due to the machinations of a villain called Jackal. Spider Queen is the real big bad however, she wants to rule the world using Jackal and her genetically modified arachnid bodyguards to get there. It later turns out that the DNA Jackal used to transform the population was more flea than spider, it leads to the New Yorkers affected actually transforming into giant insects. Despite all of the high drama that comes with saving the world you also get the human drama storylines. The plot threads concerning Peter Parker’s life. Which would be great for what the Sony-Marvel partnership are trying to do, it has been said that they want to feature the typical problems any young man has, not just the issues he runs into when he dons the mask and becomes a superhero.

4. Fear Itself

This was an interesting storyline in which Odin’s brother emerged, however Thor’s uncle was not out to protect Earth his aim was to enslave it. The deity used panic and fear to persecute Earth and her people. This was one of those storylines where we see destruction on a global level, there was some really off the scale action in this one, perfect for a big crossover movie. It would be great to see what they do with the idea of ‘The Worthy’. This was when the Serpent controlled the minds of people like Hulk. He used immensely powerful beings as puppets for his campaign of fear and destruction, they looked even more monstrous than before, carrying enchanted weapons. The power of Asgardians has been sold to the audience at this point, we know how powerful Thor, Odin and their kind are so imagine the drama of making someone as powerful the enemy. How do Captain America and The Avengers fight a god? There are a number of incredibly dramatic moments in this series including an instance in which Captain America rallies the troops in an awesome way. Remember when Captain America tried to pick up the hammer in Avengers: Age of Ultron and it actually moved a bit? In Fear Itself when Thor is taken out Cap' actually picks up Mjolnir.

3. Planet Hulk

We already know that The Hulk is a really fascinating character when done right. Mark Ruffalo’s take on Bruce Banner, first showing up in The Avengers was a hit with audiences. Joss Whedon writes The Hulk better than anyone so who better to write one of the best Hulk storylines ever? It would be a very ambitious project given that the entire thing takes place on an alien planet but Guardians of the Galaxy has shown that they can pull it off. The story of Planet Hulk involves him being sent into space after being tricked by the Illuminati into going to a space station. The idea was to send him to a planet where there is no intelligent life, that way he can live in peace with no sentient beings for him to harm and nobody to bother him. Unfortunately things don’t exactly go to plan and he ends up crash landing on a planet where the ruling race make other life forms fight to the death in a gladiatorial arena. Hulk is enslaved and made to fight for the amusement of The Red King. The Hulk actually finds a wife on this planet as well as a brotherhood of slaves that he was forced to fight with in the area. He ends up leading the people in a crusade to overthrow the tyrannical ruler, becoming a hero on Sakaar. What is so interesting about it is at the beginning of the story a device is placed on Hulk that makes him able to communicate properly in that form, therefore we get to actually explore the character of Hulk, not Banner but the big green rage monster himself. This works in tandem with how in The Avengers Bruce refers to him as a completely different person. The events of Planet Hulk adds to Hulk’s hatred of Earth in a really dramatic way, not only did they send him on a mission to the space station only to trick him and send him into space, but the very pod they sent him in destroys his new home. His new life is destroyed, his wife along with it. However, Hulk and his Warbound brothers manage to make it off the planet on a ship, he and his little army are on their way back to Earth angrier than ever.

2. Avengers vs. X-Men

Before anyone angrily comments, I am completely aware that Marvel are not in possession of the film rights to the X-Men. For anyone that is confused Fox have the film rights to X-Men and as a result are the only people that can make movies featuring the mutants. However as we have seen with Spider-Man situations like this can change. Marvel Studios and Sony came to terms on the film rights to Spider-Man agreeing to essentially share the character. Sony are still making the movies but Marvel get input and are allowed to place him into the shared cinematic universe. If Marvel Studios were to reach an agreement like this with Fox they could put the amazing Avengers vs. X-Men storyline onto film. The trouble begins between the two teams when Hope Summers shows signs of being the next host for the devastatingly powerful Phoenix Force. A split amongst the X-Men has caused mutant kind to be divided, due to differences between Wolverine and Cyclops, Wolverine is leading one group of young mutants as the headmaster of The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning while Cyclops and a handful of others, including Magneto, are on Utopia. An energy signature believed to be the Phoenix Force is traced back to Hope Summers on Cyclops’ island. Cyclops, despite seeing what it did to his wife believes he can use it to usher in a new age for mutant kind. Captain America disagrees, he knows it’s dangerous and he shows up at Utopia with the entire extended team of Avengers to take Hope into custody. A battle ensues where we get to see a lot of match-ups that we have always wanted to happen. But the chaos escalates even further when instead of inhabiting Hope Summers, the Phoenix Force splits off into five members of the Utopia faction. The Phoenix Five consisted of Cyclops, Colossus, Emma Frost, Magik and Namor. The whole event was fantastic and incredibly cinematic in its action and the sweeping nature of the story. Any Marvel comics fan needs to check it out.

1. Secret Wars

This is another one that is unlikely to ever happen but it would be an incredible spectacle if it did. If you don’t know about Secret Wars it is a storyline that originally occurred in Marvel comics in the 80s but has recently been revived. The idea is that all versions of everyone in the Marvel universe has been dropped onto one planet, affectionately named Battleworld. The beginning of the revamped idea involved the destruction of all universes in the multiverse. However every version of the heroes in Marvel comics were thrown together into one plane of reality. The multiverse theory means that anything you can think of has probably happened in some parallel universe. Which in turn means that if a writer wants to create a version of Punisher that has the powers of Doctor Strange they can. They can also have that character fight the team of Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine and Ghost Rider after they have made a pact with Mephisto, possessing supernatural powers as a result. That actually happened, any scenario can play out in Secret Wars. It is an awesome idea and getting to know the new universe which is ruled over by Doctor Doom and some corrupt versions of Marvel heroes is fascinating.

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