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The theme of personal transformation is ever present in the wide world of horror film, often calling upon the pop culture lore of vampires, werewolves and zombies to communicate easily digestible fiction. But one of the least attempted transformative roles is that of the human-to-insect, most famously explored in David Cronenberg’s The Fly back in 1986. 29 years later, Bite looks to explore the same sub-genre, which brings with it both huge opportunity and huge challenges.

“The idea behind Bite is that it’s kind of like the modern-day Fly”, says newcomer and lead actress Elma Begovic. Elma plays Casey, a young bride-to-be who gets bitten by an unusual insect while on a bachelorette getaway with her closest friends in a tropical paradise. Upon returning home, Casey slowly begins to undergo the transformation from woman to insect, committing an increasing series of atrocities as her humanity dissipates.

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