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Name an original comic book hero created in the last ten years. I'll wait....

I can't do it. The comic book multiverse is so large no matter what combination of powers, apperence or back story you're going to be ripping off someone. That's why I think that Marvel is doing us a great service by changing iconic superheroes.

The top 3 new/old superheros being changed now are:

1. Captain America

Sam Wilson, formally The Falcon, takes over for Steve Rodgers after he is depowered. Steve Rodgers is not dead. His story will continue but now someone new will take over his role.

Steve Rodgers is drained of the super soldier serium while fighting the supervillian Iron Nail. This takes away all of his powers and made him an old man. He gives his shield to one of his best friends to continue the fight for truth and justice.

Sam Wilson has similar views as Steve Rodgers, but he is a different person. This also adds The Falcon's ability to fly and communicate with birds to Captain America. This creates new and exciting stories for both Sam and Steve. New enemies to face, new love interest, and even a new dinamic with other Superheroes.

2. Thor

Thor is now long time love interest Jane Foster. She is considered worth to wield Mjolnir after the original Thor is no longer able.

Jane Foster finds out she has breast cancer, yet still takes up Mjolnir to protect earth. Again the original Thor is not dead. After first using a battle axe named Jarnbjorn, then finding the Mjolnir of another universe, he calls himself Thorr.

This doesn't take away from any of Thor's history. Jane Foster debuted the same time as Thor. She started as Dr. Donald Blakes nurse and has saved many superheroes. She was even once the doctor for the Avengers.

3. The Hulk

Amadues Cho will now become The Hulk. He has been a supporting character for the last decade. He is a 19 year old, Korean-American, super genius but unlike Bruce Banner he will enjoy being the Hulk.

This is my personal favorite change. He will bring new life into The Hulk. The story will no longer be about a man trying to hide his monstrous part or destroy himself. It can now be about how a brilliant kid can use his totally awesome powers to help others.

Again Bruce Banner is not dead. Bruce will still have a part to play in the Marvel universe. Bruce has always wanted rid of The Hulk so hopefully he is happy.

The greatest part of all this is everyone is growing. No one is being stagnant and losing what makes them wonderful. Marvel isn't just changing things to change them. There is a story behind each and everyone of the characters. It brings new elements into these stories and doesn't just say "hey, look a new character that is the same as the old, other then its gender or race."

This is my first article ever so if you have any advice please leave me a comment. Thank you for reading.


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